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Other Decks Strategy Discussion

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This thread will serve all deck discussion for decks that don't fall into any of the other categories (for PvP / tournament etc. purposes, not for beating Ai). If good posts or guides are being posted for certain decks, I'll add them into the OP, so people can get an idea of what kind of decks there are to play, aside from the most used ones.

Venus + Shining Balls w/ Order to Charge, Enemy Controller etc.

Harpies (no Relinquished) 

Flash Assailant - Embodiment of Apophis

Warm Worm Mill / Deck-Out



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Some cards I think deserve attention atm: 


Susa Soldier

For builds that cannot support Flash Assailant because you cannot meet the requirement of having 0 cards in hand, it's a good replacement:

It's a worse Flash Assailant, but way more flexible and can be thrown into almost any beatdown deck. Gets over everything basically. If it eats a 4-Starred, Mirror Wall, etc, it's a 1 for 1 and it's return to hand effect doesn't matter. It doesn't lose to E-Con as it returns to the hand: this is huge, as Jerry Beans/Dunames lose to those cards, obviously Susa also walks over Jerry Beans/Dunames which makes it even better. It kind of sucks going first although depending on the match-up you could set it T1, 1600 DEF is no joke, but yeah basically you'd want to use this to run over opponent's monsters until they run out of them. Keep in mind that if you clear 1-2 monsters it has already done it's job. It does leave open fields which can be a good thing against Relinquished/Soul Exchange, and you can play Embodiment of Apophis to make it not that much of a bad thing either. I wouldn't play 3 because you never want to draw multiples but I think playing 1 or 2 can be a very good addition to a deck, and it can be extremely powerful.


Harpies obviously got stronger: a 1800/1800 monsters that searches an Harpie Lady after being destroyed, solves a lot of problems at once. People were already playing 1700 beaters, so this is an insta-include 3-off. It's especially good since it gets over basically everything and ties with Dunames, since you'll prob destroy their field spell at some point with Hunting Ground. 

Wonder Balloons (and Pumprincess)

This card is seeing a lot of play and it's the nuts. If you draw it in a beatdown vs beatdown kind of match-up, you cannot lose unless if you brick / they draw the out / they also have Wonder Balloons / they run you out of monsters with some broken combination of Order to Charge/E-Con/Soul Exchange, etc. It is just really hard to win and you can stall behind this card if you brick, until you draw into something good. 



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Harpies also got Harpie Lady 1 which is a big deal.  In addition to being an 1800 normal summon and pumping your other dudes which is just good in general, Elegant Egotist builds now have Harpie Lady 1 + Harpie Lady Sisters for over 4000 atk if the field spell remains intact.  Egotist builds are a lot more consistent with Birdface.


It remains to be seen what the best build of Harpie's ends up being.  Since KC Cup I've been a big fan of playing Ladybug and Possessed Dark Soul and have worked them into a Harpie's list.  I've got 2 builds right now, one with Relinquished and one with Egotist, which I plan on playing at higher ranks where I expect more Harpies.  The "meta" (although expensive) list I've seen is:


3 Birdface

3 Sonic Duck

2 Harpie Lady

1 Harpie Lady 1

1 Harpie Lady Sisters


2 Elegant Egotist

3 Enemy Controller

2 Order to Charge


3 Mirror Wall



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