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Dino Kingdom Strategy Discussion ( + Dino Guide inside )

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Dino Kingdom


Two-Headed king Rex
Crawling Dragon

These 2 monsters are the reason this deck exists, at all. Combined with the field spell they reach 1900 ATK 1500 DEF, which is nothing to laugh at. When put to defense, their DEF is still big enough to stall against Senju/Sonic Bird/Harpie Lady's, and when your opponent attacks you can still use Metalmorph in the damage step to make their DEF reach 1800, then attack next turn. They are both Order to Charge targets, which is huge, because when the Field Spell is gone, you can still get some use out of them.

Element Saurus

Element Saurus reaches 1800 ATK when the field spell is up, and it isn't an Order to Charge target. It's effect also requires an Earth monster to be on the field, and the attack has to go through: but when it does, it essentially nails cards such as 4-Starred Ladybug, Gravekeeper's Recruiter, Warm Worm, Cobra Jar, Pumprincess, and Yomi Ship. Since Crawling Dragon, Two-Headed Kingrex and Embodiment of Apophis are all earth, the card has a lot of synergy with the deck.

Tech Choices:

4-Starred Ladybug

Using at least 1 copy of an Insect monster in your deck is helpful against the Parasite Burn match-up. Whenever your opponent plays Whistle, instead of adding a Parasite, you can add your own Insect to your hand, so it won't clogg your field and you won't take 1000 damage. In addition, if you choose to play Grasshopper, the match-up becomes auto-win because you can tribute summon it to get rid of Parasite, Mask of the Accursed, it's 2350 ATK is big enough to get over Cocoon and Panda, and it's gemini effect is good as well: it can attack all monsters once. It is slightly worse against other decks, although it's ATK is still good enough that you want to see this card against Dino and Gravekeeper's, since it get over all monster. Only 1 copy of Grasshopper is needed at most, and Scorpion is a possible replacement, although it's definitely worse since it doesn't get over Cocoon, Gravekeeper's Oracle and Flash Assailant, which is huge.

4-Starred Ladybug is a more consistent card in general, it doesn't auto-win the Parasite match-up as much as Grasshopper does, but it can be broken in the mirror if you can play around Element Saurus/Jerry Beans, and in general it's versatile against a wide range of decks. Keep in mind that if you opponent attacks your 4-Starred with Element Saurus, you can protect it with Mirror Wall for example: this way, 4-Starred won't be destroyed by battle, which means Elemen Saurus' effect will not be activated: therefore all their LV4 monsters will still be destroyed.

Uraby, Jerry Beans Man and Dunames

If you want more Order to Charge targets, Uraby has 1800 attack with the field spell up, and Jerry Beans Man has 1750 attack, with or without it. Jerry Beans Man is LV3 which inherently plays around 4-Starred Ladybug which is huge, and it's good to have so you still have powerful monsters in your deck when your field is gone: but it has a lot of weaknesses as well. Possesed Dark Soul, other Jerry Beans Mans, and Dunames. I personally think it's a meta-call whether or not you should play him, but he's probably best in a meta that plays more 4-Starred than Possesed Dark Souls, and plays De-Spell/Twister as well because this card shines when the field is gone. I'll notice it's terrible in the mirror as well, since both players' Dino's will reach 2200 ATK, so you need to get rid of both field spells before this card becomes good again. Dunames is better than Uraby in everyway possible except for the slight disadvantage of being weak to Yami, which causes it to lose 200 ATK. It probably makes Uraby unplayable if you have it though. All three have weak DEF, although Jerry Beans is especially weak, since you can't protect it with Mirror Wall at all.

Flash Assailant

Flash Assailant is a very good card in this deck, but you don't want to play more than 1 or 2 copies, since drawing 2 sucks. It does conflict a little with Grasshopper though, if you play that. The idea behind Flash Assailant is that it's the strongest monster in the deck, doesn't care when your field spell is gone, and it also doesn't care when your opponent puts it into DEF, since it's DEF is still 2000. In the mirror, if you manage to get rid of 1 of the field spells, Flash Assailant will become the strongest monster on the field, and unless if they outdraw you with huge amounts of Mirror Wall/Metalmorphs, the match becomes very one-sided. It gains 200 ATK/DEF boost from Yami as well, when playing against GK, and in general is beats 1900 DEF Priestess which is good, since Dino's cannot do that. The card has big downsides as well though: you can't play it when you monsterclogg, your S/T space may sometimess clogg, and you're forced to throw your entire hand onto the field which forces you to be aggressive, when sometimes the game-state asks for you to be conversative. Especially against Burn you may find this card to be suboptimal because of the S/T clogging, but when it's good, it's really good.

Possesed Darksoul

Providing your deck with an additional (the other is Order to Charge) hard out to Relinquished can be helpful. Twister/Enemy Controller are semi-outs, but sometimes they just won't cut it, for example when your opponent will protect his 0 ATK Relinquished for 1 more turn with his own Enemy Controllers/Windstorm/Sphere Kuriboh, they continue to soak up your monsters until he draws his 2nd Relinquished. Possesed Dark Soul immediately shuts Relinquished down, their only out to it is Interdimensional Transporter, which some decks play, admittedly. Other than that, it can get rid of Jerry Beans Man, Venus + Mystic Balls, Cocoon, Gravekeeper's, and other low LV monsters which is kind of cool, but it's a very high risk high reward kind of card. It can be completely dead. Most topdecks play it though, since Relinquished is so prevalent this format. 

Thunder Dragon, Polymerization and Twin Headed Thunder Dragon

You play Thunder Dragon and Polymerzation to fusion for Twin Headed Thunder Dragon with a big 2800 ATK, while in some cases you could also fuse for Bracchio-Raidus. I'm not going to spend much time on this: it is garbage. You're playing an inconsistent engine that -1's, and that isn't even that good when you resolve it. You can play Flash Assailant, for example, which does almost the same except he's way better, but feel free to prove me wrong, as I've changed my mind on a lot of cards before;)



Order to Charge

It's a -1. It makes you lose field presence. It can be dead, not even all your monsters are normals, and worst of all: if you have 2 monsters and your opponent has 1, and you play Order to Charge, they can chain their own Order to Charge or Enemy Controller and target your other monster, the result will be that all 3 monsters die, which sucks. But it's still needed: it's your out to Relinquished, to Gravekeeper's Oracle, it can sometimes be an out to 4-Starred Ladybug, and tribute your own monster after it's made useful by Mask of the Accursed, to kill their Cocoon, Big Shield or Panda.
It's the kind of card that you always want to have, 'just in case', because realistically it can stop all powerplays currently in the game, therefore it's worth all the negatives. Play Embodiment of Apophis to make up for the field presence lost by this card.

Staple cards such as Twister, Enemy Controller, Mirror Wall etc. that can be played in every deck, are obviously viable in this deck as well. I'll go over a few cards I found to be especially useful:

Embodiment of Apophis

Has synergy with Flash Assailant, Element Saurus and Order to Charge, provides the deck with extra Aggression, or a defensive layer. The latter is huge when you have no monsters because you walked into a Mirror Wall or Relinquished, for example. 1800 DEF is huge, and can stall you a few turns, while 1600 ATK isn't too bad either, so it can be used both offensively and defensively. Biggest downside is it cloggs S/T space, so I recommend not to go something insane like: 3 Trap Jammer 3 Apophis 3 Metalmorph 3 Mirror Wall 2 Flash Assailant etc, since it will guarantee to make you want to kill yourself when you cannot activate Twister or Order to Charge anymore, but the card is definitely viable enough to be played in multiples.

Trap Jammer

Huge in the mirror, and against Beatdown decks in general. The card has lost some value since Relinquished barely plays any backrow, but in general being able to make a push through Mirror Wall, Windstorm, or to protect your own defensive trap against their Trap Jammer, is crucial and in a trap heavy format I'd definitely want to play at least 2. So this depends on whether you expect people to play a lot of traps or not, for example it's also bad against Venus which relies more on Quickplay spells (Order to Charge, Enemy Controller).


This deck is aggressive, and most of the time your monsters have higher ATK than your opponent's monsters, which means they won't attack and your Mirror Walls are dead. Having Metalmorph which can be used both offensively and defensively can be huge, and the fact it turns into an Equip and does a lot of damage when attacking, fits pefectly with the gameplan of aggression and finishing your opponent ASAP. Has synergy with Apophis since it turns it into a 1800/2100 Monster that reaches even more ATK when attacking. It can potentially auto-win the mirror when resolved, is very useful against GK and Burn, but it sucks against Relinquished and Venus.


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I'm not sure whether I should go indepth into Thunder Dragon. It's more or less just a history lesson and probably irrelevant to this discussion now.


Long story short, it was the card that singlehandedly decided the Dino mirror pre-Age of Discovery, but became average when Discovery came out and Order to Charge became necessary, descending into unusable status when Impact (and Mirror Wall) hit.


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I didn't know that, I can definitely see the card being better during such a meta, I personally started playing after Neo-Impact, before Flame of the Tyrant, but to this day I still see people play it which is why I covered it. 


What are people's current thoughts on the impact of Heat Wave? Also, should the deck focus on normal monsters even more, while also playing 3 Order to Charge to hard counter Relinquished? Would Heart of the Underdog be viable in such a deck, given that games tend to be at least a bit slow and you're putting people for the choice if killing either your field, or the underdog, or is it just a glorified Shard of Greed? Is Wasteland playable, the same way that water used to play additional copies of Umi?


I already made my mind up for most of these cards (Heat Wave and 2-3 Order to Charge being good, the others not so much), but I want to make sure if I'm not missing something. 


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I've been liking wasteland in the 9-dino version, since against most good decks Kingdom will be destroyed.


Heart of the underdog is definitely worse than shard of Greed unless the majority of a deck is normal monsters.


I need to try heat wave; it seems great to play on critical turns against certain decks.


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