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This is what I been using and getting a 7000-8000 score against lv 40 Bakura. I found it originally on a DL comment section and made a few changes to optimize it. 


Elements Unite Vassal



2x GK Recruiters (Can use Thunder Dragons instead if you want to) 

1x GK Vassal 

1x The Field Mega Cyber (Glossy)



2x Enemy Controller 

1x Fusion Gate/Field Spell (Glossy)

1x Secret Pass To The Treasures.

3x Shard of Greed

1x Storm(Glossy)

2x Union Attack (Glossy)

2x Wonder Wand



3x Jar of Greed 



When Dueling: Do not summon the Gate Guardian and instead have all the Gate Guardian Pieces in Defense mode so Bakura can not use Zoma on you. If He has 3 back row set and does not activate Tribute to The Doomed use Econ's 2nd effect to make space just incase he does not use it (which in some games he does not)


The Field Mega Cyber:   Summon on the last turn assuming Bakura only left you with one Gate Guardian Piece. 


Storm: To use on the back row on your last turn to get rid of Sakuretsu  Armor or Book of Moon.


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That's very similar to what I've been running.  I think mine's a bit more intricate, though.


Deck: 20

Skill: Elements Unite!


Monsters: 5

3x Thunder Dragon

1x Gravekeeper's Vassal

1x Mystical Beast of Serket


Spells: 35

1x Fusion Gate

3x Shard of Greed

1x Double Summon

2x Union Attack

1x Enemy Controller

1x Temple of the Kings

1x Storm

1x Goblin's Secret Remedy

2x Pot of Benevolence

1x Hieroglyph Lithograph

1x Secret Pass to the Treasures


Extra: 2

1x Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Can be replaced with Master of Oz)

1x Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon


Most of us on here are experts and shouldn't have trouble figuring this out.  I'll write up a guide later, though.  Besides, I still haven't been able to test this build.


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