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New Players Guide (READ THIS FIRST!)

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To those who are new to warring or online ranked play, it’s a lot to take in at first. The purpose of this thread is to explain to newer players how warring works in a way that is not overly complicated. I won’t explain every single detail of warring, just the stuff that you need to know get along fine here and have fun.


So first of all, what is warring? Simply put, it’s team vs team play. This has been done on maybe different online Yugioh forums, but here we have some unique rules. First of all, you cannot just join any team or form your own team. This is for three reasons. Firstly, we want to prevent the formation of incredibly lopsided superteams. This isn’t fun for anyone, and given that we’re playing for substantial prizes (more on that later), we don’t want all of the good players to just band together and split the prizes amongst themselves every season. Secondly, not everyone knows how to run a team well, and we don’t want teams to split up and reforming all the time. That’s inconvenient for everyone, and destroys players’ faith in the system. Thirdly, we want you to make new friends, rather than just being on a team with the group of people that you know. At the end of the day, this is intended to be a social activity.


So how do teams work then? The most active, knowledgeable, and reputable players are selected as team captains. If you sign-up for warring during a draft phase (between season), one of these captains will draft you on to their team. But don’t worry, if you join in the middle of a season, you will be assigned to a team within 3 days. Once you’re on your team, you’re going to want to introduce yourself to your team members. Your team will have its own forum where you can talk to each other in secret to discuss strategy without other teams being able to see your messages.


Once you’re on your team, it’s time to war. Each war will have its own thread. You’ll be able to see the current score, a list of the members on the other team, and what format(s) they play. To contact these people, you’re going to need to join our discord channel: https://discord.gg/jQJRqn2. Discord is a chat application geared towards gamers. If you see one of your opponents online, just message them and ask them to play a game with you. Make sure that you tell them it’s for a war. After your match is complete, report the result of your war in the thread. You’ll need to say who won the match and what deck-types both of you were playing (this is for data-mining purposes). Then rinse and repeat. However, once you lose 2 matches in the same war, you have to stop playing. This is to give the rest of the members on your team a chance to play as well. They wouldn’t be happy if you lost all of your team’s hearts yourself.


At the end of the season, if you and your teammates did well, then your team might have one of the best records and you make the playoffs. Once playoffs are over, the season ends. Prizes are given to the #1 and also the top rated individuals for each format (current and goats). Your individual rating is based only on the matches that you have won and lost. You might be wondering, if we’re giving away prizes to the top finishers, is there a cost to enter? No, it is absolutely free. The only thing that we request that you do is to accurately report all of your wins and losses in the correct thread, as well as the deck-types of yourself and your opponent. Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to give away your secret tech; just the basic kind of deck that you and your opponent were using. If you’re not sure how to classify your deck, just ask a member of war council, and we’ll help you.


Now for some players, one war every 10 days might not be enough of an online Yugioh fix for you. Or maybe you’re really determined to get the highest rating and you want to grind harder. Well for players like that, we also have rated casual matches. Once you sign up, there you’ll find a list of players and their discord names. You can play anyone on that list for rating. A match here won’t count for your ranking as much as a match for a war will, but every bit counts. Again, just message people on discord and ask them to play you. There will be a single thread to report all of your wins, and as usual, you must list the deck-types that yourself and your opponent used during the match.

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