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Axle    1217

I've been playing this game since it came out. I can vouch that it's fun.


If you need a house, you can probably join the one I'm in (~70 members). Vault progress is much faster the more people you have, and amount of contribution needed/gained scales while based on how many so it doesn't become harder to get good rewards.


This is the deck I'm using to some good success, dunno how close to optimal it is (There aren't really any sites to get "top decks" right now).



It's a quite a "good stuff" deck, but at the same time it's VERY slow at times. If you decide to win off building an army of tokens with Stonecall Seedling/Vein Waker, prepare to win with only a few cards left in deck. 

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Nish    253

How is your house? Mine seems fairly active during EU hours, but the members don't seem great, so it feels like shards fill up so slowly.

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