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So i built this deck recently using stuff my friends got me and whatever i could grab cheap online. the extra deck is incomplete and suggestions are welcome for that, fixes for the main are also welcome though prefaribly cheap-ish cards, budget is the biggest reason for one particularly large omission (Toadally Awesome)


3x Swap Frog

2x Ronintoadin

3x Dupe Frog 

3x Tin Goldfish(This is the section i'm most concerned about, friend reccomended them but i only have 1 rank 4 and i rarely draw 2 of these cards together to grab said xyz, i think i did it once when i already had an established board and really didnt need it)

1x Silent Angler (see above)


3x Wetlands

2x Terraforming 


3x Mirror Force

2x Magic Cylinder

1x Compulsory Evacuation Device

2x Paleozoic Leanchoilia

2x Paleozoic Dinomischus

3x Paleozoic Canadia

3x Paleozoic Pikaia

3x Paleozoic Olenoides

3x Paleozoic Marrella

1x Paleozoic Halucinogena


3x Paleozoic Opabinia

3x Paleozoic Anomalicaris

2x Number 45: Crumble Logos the Prophet of Demolition

1x Number 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark

2x Gachi Gachi Gantetsu


Side: (subject to substantial change)

3x Mystical Space Typhoon

3x Galaxy Cyclone

1x Paleozoic Leanchoilia

2x Paleozoic Halucinogena

2x Paleozoic Eidonia

1x Paleozoic Dinomischus

1x Imperial Order

2x Kuribandit


For the monsters, its just the standard frog stuff with a small rank 4 engine i wouldnt mind replacing. it was reccomended by a friend but not really working. the main cards are swap and ronintoadin swap dumps ronin or a dupe to revive ronin. ronin stays out pretty often with 2k def to block or make a quick xyz play.


for the spells, wetlands is basically my wincon short of repeated swinging with Xyz since it turns paleos into 2400 beatsticks and even swap frog goes to 2200. plus a few cards these days have low enough def that a powered up ronin can take them out if i set them down first.


the traps are all i could gather, though i did grab a dinosmasher's fury SD at my locals so i do have quaking mirror force if i dont decide to sell it. (might grab a couple more and try to build dinos, always good to have multiple options) mirror force is good board removal if they dont have anything to stop it, only one guy predicted it and put his ultimate conductor in def before swinging. magic cylinder is a nice game ender or just some quick damage if i need it. the paleos i chose were for the best effects like popping backrow, sending other traps, drawing. dinomischus is good being a straight banish but it does target and it requires a discard so i only play 2, one halucinogen is to make up numbers and its a nice battle surprise, leano is good for recycling paleos that got banished, but since its not always active i cut it to 2.


the extra deck is whatever i could grab cheap, a friend reccomended cat shark and he might get me one, if not i might try to grab one. Crumble Logos is a surprisingly good card, the paleo Xyz are essential to the deck, i havent played gachi once so it could easily go same with spider shark if i decide to cut the  level 4s, if i do pick up toad sometime i dont need bahamut shark to get it out so the rank 4s arent neccesary anyway.


for the side, kuribandit is a good earlygame card to set up the grave with paleos. backrow hate is backrow hate though i dont think i need all of it. the paleos in the side are the ones i dont run in the main in case i need something like a quick power boost, an additional banish or to weaken some strong monsters. imperial order i pulled in my duelist saga packs i got the last time i was at locals and has helped a couple of times.


the decks i usually face at locals are shaddoll trains, blue-eyes, a guy was playing new dinos today and there's a couple of spyral players.


the biggest problem i (and everyone) else had was this guy playing invoker cybers. i couldnt do anything, he 2-0 me in about 10 minutes. 


any advice would be very helpful, as i said improvements would be best if they were budget choices. i don't need all the absolute best most expensive cards if something slightly cheaper does the same job.


Thank you!

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Wumbologist    14198

I'll preface this by saying that I don't know a lot about competitive play right now, I mostly just play for fun online sometimes, so you can use my advice at your own discretion. 


Running all the frogs seems for a rank 2 engine seems a little pointless to me if you don't have Toadally Awesome. They're great with Toad because it can special summon them via its effect and use them to pay for the cost of negating cards. Without Toad, they seem like a slow and inefficient way to make your rank 2s. Wetlands doesn't really make them any better when it's just decent with Swap Frog and kind of worthless with Dupe and Ronintoadin (1300 ATK isn't doing anything). The rank 4 engine you have also seems out of place, especially since you only have 1 rank 4. 


Here is a fun deck I found and used online for a bit that just focuses on using the Paleozoic traps to make your rank 2s: 



Some cards I added when I played it were Accumulated Fortune, Lost Wind, Dinomischus, Marrella, and Absolute King Back Jack. I think those are all pretty affordable cards. 



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