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JC Goes to Lolcals

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»JC.    4973

Backstory: I've played Yu-Gi-Oh! on and off since I was a kid. Last stopped playing during December 2015 format. Found some kids at my school that played and decided to get back in. My play group has a collective total of 0 dimensional barriers, so I decided Fluffals would be a good deck.

One of them is graduating, so they wanted to go to lolcals with some of the group. I estimated that lolcals would have a collective total of 3 dimensional barriers, and I'm a college student, so I decided Fluffals were in fact roughly 50/55 cards I owned.

The card shop I previously played at closed down, so I knew it would be a new crowd. I happened to have DSOD sleeves, so I decided before the tournament that I would use them and pretend to have no idea what any of the cards were.


A few hours before, I run a practice match with my friend, trying out lines like, "Wow, using XYZ monsters? I guess they're pretty strong, since you don't even need Polymerization" and, "Eh? It says here you need a Tuner monster, but how did you have one on the field without Tune World?" We also decide that playmats are for tryhards. We discuss whether Starter Deck 2017 is the optimal playmat and decide that it loses out to Paper Towels.


This is the first time I've gone to a tournament in a while, so I figured I'd post because 'why not'.




A locals report is probably not even worth talking about, so I want to talk about the deck a bit and maybe get a discussion going.


Maindeck: I've been running Fusion Substitute at 1 with 2 Poly, but realise that I want to just OTK people and Sabre-Tooth brings back the only fusion monsters that would hit my grave, so I swapped it out for 3 Poly. I don't own Foolish Burial Goods, so I had to run without it. Good card, should probably be running 3.

I think the deck building process here should be strictly, "How do I obtain more Fluffals, Edge Imps, and Polymerizations in my hand?" Without Patchwork, we need to use worse cards. With that in mind, I would probably suggest the main deck to be something like:

- 1 Kaiju; as a standalone card, the odds of it not doing anything are high. Out of the kaiju, this one is cool because Sheep can crash into it and tie if you have Sabre-Tooth out, meaning it kills a monster and gets to attack again.

- 1 Owl; while it searches Polymerization, we are replacing it with Foolish Burial Goods, which can in turn get Owl which gets Polymerization

- 1 Sheep; There is an argument to be made that since the deck has 3 dog and 3 vendor to search, there is a good incentive to run multiple searchable 1-ofs for when you need it. However, Sheep's real purpose was to give me access to Fusion Substitute plays when I would otherwise brick. By just running 3 Poly, Sheep comes up significantly less.

+ 3 Foolish Burial Goods; sending Toy Vendor lets you search literally any piece you need ([Dog] -> Edge Imp Sabres or Fluffal Penguin or Fluffal Cat, Fluffal Owl -> Polymerization). Penguin and Cat are especially important because using them to fuse for Tiger allows Tiger to avoid cards like Strike.


I think there is also a good case to be made for running Pot of Desires in this deck. You want to obtain a set of specific cards that allow you to kill your opponent. Looking at the deck, you can see that it is mostly three-ofs. The odds of losing all of your Polys or all of your Edge Imps is low, and you could even theoretically wait until after you search and/or use Wings to use Desires, using it as a tool to try and extend your combo when you hit a wall.

To run Desires, I would probably cut 1 wings. This might seem incorrect at first because resolving Wings is a great play and we are introducing another one-of that Desires could banish. However, with Foolish Burial Goods in the deck and the goal of killing the opponent on turn 2 means that you never want the opportunity to resolve a second Wings. The other two options here are a bit of a toss-up, but my first instinct would be one Instant Fusion and going down to one Owl.

I think most current lists run 1 Edge Imp Sabres, but without sheep and with Pot of Desires, I think 2 edge-imp sabres becomes a much better choice because needing the 2nd one will come up more. I do not have math to back this up, though.


Side deck: The idea here is supposed to be, "Prepare a side deck filled with cards such as Kristya and Grisaille Prison. Since you play Fluffals, the opponent will know you want to go 2nd. This means you can go 1st and lock them out." However, I don't own those cards, so I instead decided to mash together the cards I had laying in my deck box and call it a side. You haven't lived until you perform the Instant Fusion -> Thousand Eyes Restrict, Pass Turn into Frightfur Sancutary -> Send Bear + Instant Fusion -> Norden -> Thousand Eyes Restrict into Frightfur Fusion -> Chimera combo. Just kidding, it's awful. But I decided if I faced any 10 year old kids playing Yugi decks, I would try my hardest to play it. I imagine my side deck should also include something like Lancea.

- 7 cards that should never be in a side deck

+ 3 lancea

+ 2 kristya

+ 2 Grisaille Prison

Note: Toy Vendor lets you summon any monster from your hand on a success, so Kristya has odds to be summoned. Norden and all of the Fluffals are fairies as well. It isn't impossible to get the grave to have 4 Fairies in it, and Kristya is a win-con, so setting up for it is a good plan.

Note 2: I have not read any of the Dinosaur cards. Should I be running like Mask of Restrict or something in my side now?


I'm not sure if Forbidden Apocrypha is good or not. Never brought it in, although it might have helped in one of my matchups.


Extra Deck: I don't own Toad + Shark or the Rank 8s or the 2nd Sabre-Tooth. I decided to swap out Number 82: Heartlandraco with Dark Rebellion at the last second to fill the role of 'get another punch in.' Didn't work out, though. Double Frightfur Wolf is bad and shouldn't be run. The only time it will ever come up in any planet is when your opponent plays no backrow, plays monsters that don't float, and you draw exactly King of the Swamp + 1 Fluffal + Dark Hole + Polymerization + Frightfur Fusion + Brick (can't use Kraken because of KotS and can't use Tiger because Tiger + 2 Attack Wolf = 7800). Starve Venom is also a bad card that shouldn't be run. I use it exclusively to tilt one person in my play group that hates the anime character that uses the card.

- 1 Wolf

- 1 Starve Venom

- 1 Thousand-Eyes Restrict

- 1 Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon

+ 1 Sabre-Tooth

+ 1 Bahamut Shark

+ 1 Toadally Awesome

+ 1 Number 82: Heartlandraco or Gagaga Cowboy or some rank 8 (number 38?)



Anyways, on to the report.


Round 1 (Table 4)  (vs Kozmo)

My opponent is a few minutes late because he is sleeving his deck, but he shows up and presents the deck before it gets to game-loss territory.


Game 1: I learn that this is also his first time playing in forever. However, he also doesn't know what his cards do. Turn 1 he plays Kozmotown and Farmgirl. I draw bricky but want to avoid Farmgirls, so I Dark Hole and he tags into Forerunner -> Sliprider. I just end with Sheep + Edge Imp Sabres, praying that Farmgirl doesn't get a hit through. He doesn't know how Kozmotown works, so he uses Burial from the Different Dimension on Farmgirl and then tries to Kozmotown back the Farmgirl. I don't care and am ready to let him redo the play, but the judge announces from another table, "Guys, remember: there are no take-backs in Yu-Gi-Oh!" so I say something like, "Well, if the judge says so, I guess there's nothing I can do." He doesn't have any other monsters, so he punches the Sheep. I draw polymerization and kill him the next turn. There were also two random judge calls for basic things that I can't even remember.


Game 2: I decide not to side and he opts to go first. He uses Kozmotown to return Farmgirl to the deck and then summons some low level pilot and passes. He then calls the judge over to ask if he can Set Kozmotown over Kozmotown in order to trigger the destruction effect. He learns that he cannot and decides to not make the play, even though I'm pretty sure you have to try the play first before the judge is supposed to answer the question. I summon Instant Fusion into Sheep and then make Sabre-Tooth and he switches into Forerunner. I summon Sheep and ram it into the Forerunner until it dies. He calls the judge over to ask if Sheep stops the effect of Forerunner. Next turn he does something to clear my board and plays Goodwitch. I use my Kaiju on the Goodwitch and he tries to tag it out and calls a judge. After that, he uses Call of the Haunted on Goodwitch and then immediately tags it out into Lady. I haven't seen it before, so I ask him to read the card, and he passes me the 2nd copy from his hand. Since his hand was 2 cards and I now knew both of them (the other being the 2nd Kozmotown), I just make Tiger to blow up the board, using Cat to stop Lady from negating Tiger's effect and then he dies (after another judge call, of course).


Round 2 (Table 1) (Anti-Meta):

The most entertaining part of this tournament was probably watching this guy shuffle.

Step 1: Randomize the deck

Step 2: Look through your deck and rearrange the cards to be the in the order you want (to avoid clusters of the same card, of course).

Step 3: Cut your deck once and present to the opponent.

I call the judge over because this is obviously stacking, but the judge agrees that "you can do whatever you want, as long as you shuffle afterwards and the opponent gets to cut afterwards." I argued that cutting his deck once does not count as shuffling, but the judge disagrees with me so I start the game.


Game 1: I learn that I can't do anything against Lose 1 Turn. I get him low, but then he manages to get a Mirror Force and turns it around with an Eater of Millions and Gren Manju play.


At this point I strongly consider the benefits that judge-approved deck stacking can give me (judge word is law, after all), but I decide against it.


Game 2: He draws Lose 1 Turn again and flips it during my standby phase. I spend 4 or 5 turns just searching with Dogs and Owls and resolving Wings combos. Then, I make a 6-material Tiger and target all of his cards. He says I can't activate it because of Lose 1 Turn, so we call over the judge. The judge seems against me saying things like, "yeah, it's negated due to lose 1 turn." I eventually manage to get him to agree to "I can activate the effect, but it will not destroy his cards." Then, I chain my Secret Ultimate Spicy Omega Tech, De-Fusion, and kill him.


Game 3: He opens Rai-Oh and traps, but I open Dark Hole and Tiger and move on to the next round.



Round 3 (Table 1) (Songbirds):

In the pre-game talk, he mentions he doesn't own Dimensional Barrier.




Round 4 (Table 2) (Zombies):

I get paired down, but can't complain about it because all of the other decks that are undefeated at this point are things I thought I would probably lose to.


Game 1: It turns out using Polymerization requires multiple cards, which you don't have after 3 Omega. Oops.

Game 2: I consider siding in my Apocryphas but decide to just gamble that he doesn't open another god hand. He makes Beelze, I learn why I run Thousand-Eye Restrict, I pop my own Restrict with Tiger, and then I kill him.

Game 3: I make the first XYZ monster I have seen this entire tournament, Abyss Dweller. I misplay and get sent thrown into a grind game without a 2nd Sabre-Tooth. Ultimately, he gets down to 700 LP, but he has a Set monster which turns out to be Fairy Tail - Snow. I can't finish and decide to blame not running Cowboy or Heartlandraco instead of taking responsibility for misplaying. Then, he puts game on board, looks at the time, and concedes, because he doesn't feel like playing another round.


Round 5 (Table 1) (Infernoid BA Zoo):

I see the two people I came with sitting at Table 2 and wish I was playing against one of them instead. I decide to give this round my best effort anyway, since I need the play experience against strong decks.

Game 1: I look at my starting hand and scoop.

Game 2: I look at my starting hand and scoop.



Top Cut:

The TO enacts a force split policy. I am suddenly reminded that Yu-Gi-Oh! does not offer cash prizes and wonder why I decided to play this.

I take my packs and get nothing of interest.


Had a good time, 3/3 people from my play group topped, and one of them pulled barrage. I would play again, I guess.

Thanks for reading, maybe next time I'll play a real deck or go to a real event.

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Me.    57
3 hours ago, JC. said:

I call the judge over because this is obviously stacking, but the judge agrees that "you can do whatever you want, as long as you shuffle afterwards and the opponent gets to cut afterwards." I argued that cutting his deck once does not count as shuffling, but the judge disagrees with me so I start the game.


And this is why kde policy is shit. While I don't think your average judge would count cutting the deck once as "shuffling", the policy documents only states that the deck has to be "shuffled" and has no requirement for the deck to be randomized (and even gives examples of shuffle methods that can not be used to randomize the deck without getting a game loss for late presentation of the deck). The only thing you can really do is to always assume your opponent's deck is stacked and then shuffle it yourself accordingly, i.e. do a proper job of randomizing your opponent's deck because your opponent can't be trusted to do it himself.


Great job on making a report though, this section needs more of them even if it's just locals. I'd rather take well-thought-out report about scrubbing out locals than a YCS-winning report with no- or shit theory.

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Jujuuu.    39
9 hours ago, JC. said:

pretend to have no idea what any of the cards were.


Man this is the plan once I go to my first locals lol. But good shit boe, may your OTKs be with you.

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+Mascis    4557

glad i drafted u now :)

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2K18    256

hahaha the guy you played in r2 sounds like a savage (reminds me of those droolers who mana weave in MtG) but this report could have used pics of the paper towel playmat

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»JC.    4973
On 4/30/2017 at 10:55 AM, Mascis said:

glad i drafted u now :)


bet ur regretting it now

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mark    3105
29 minutes ago, JC. said:


bet ur regretting it now


nah that g1 off monahan was legendary, you'll get there

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