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IRLAlex    116

Haven't played in a while. Considering going to locals again for a reason to get out. Have a few prep questions first though:

1) Are Link Monsters available in English yet?

1.A) If so, have they affected the gameplay at all beyond rule changes, ie did the meta slow-down etc?

1.B) If not, when are they going to be?

2) Is there any sort of structure deck that 2-3 copies of could do for a locals with a few small additions. (Like how Machina was decent at its release)


3) Does the game still have the feeling of "they drew more bullshit than me/drew their bullshit faster than I did".


Thanks for any help.

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»ACP    33421

1) No, probably won't be in the US until August or September.


2) Dinos maybe? I know they're based off of a structure deck, not sure how many other cards you need to buy. You'll need at least a full extra deck though.


3) Not nearly as much as it did before imo. Master Peace is probably the most "feel bad" card in the game right now; the outs to it are so narrow, and Dracos can usually summon it t1. Other than that, things aren't too bad. 

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Nate1080    1225

Links come out in a starter deck around mid July. The first booster set with them comes out August I believe.


Also, Dinosaurs are the best structure deck right now. Just playing 3 of them with basic additions (such as Laggia, Dolkka, rank 4s) is okay, but if you want to play a good version you'll have to shellout quite a bit of cash for the playset of Dragonic Diagram and the True King stuff. Even if you don't play the good version, the structure is still worth buying for reprints alone.

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