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Stomach The MachoPony

MachoPony goes to locals for the first time in forever

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Well 3rd time but ehh first time i didnt have a deck and borrowed some guy's blue-eyes, and had no idea what i was doing,  and last time i had a crappy paleo deck that beat one guy playing a tzolkin deck. so those dont matter


So about a month ago a guy at my work was looking up ygo stuff, i inquired since i still played mostly on ygopro and he told me about this guy who runs a tournament most weekends in the next town over, went a couple of times to get a feel for it, this time was for realsies. i didn't do too bad considering i was playing A. a deck i had no experience with and B. a deck made out of nothing but 3 structure decks and some spare traps my friend gave me (at least the structure in question came with twin twisters and quaking mirror force)


so the night before, he says he's going out drinking so great i'm on my own, whoopee. i get there register and decide not to trek through the 10 feet of fog and pissing rain to get  a half assed burger.i just played duel links, bought some packs, pulled a scarlight and immediately traded it for some good side stuff i was missing like mind crush and a gem knight pearl (also missing an extra deck). the guy was collecting the "Red" stuff and i didnt need scarlight anyway, he gave me a pair of B.E.S Big Core and a Big Core MK2 later as well for the B.E.S deck i'm trying to build. a few other guys looked at my binder but nothing intrested anyone. surprising since i had a quaking mirror force in there, i guess people just bought the dinosaur deck and didnt use it for anytthing but twin and quaking


speaking of which, that's what i was playing. dinos, with no extra deck, no bahamut hsark (though the guy i gave scarlight to had one in his binder i couldve traded for) no toad (i'm not made of money) just the 3x ultimate conductors in the main for beatdown and a terrible side with some other big dinos just in case. deck looked like this


3x Soul Eating Oviraptor

3x Miscellaneosaurus

3x Petiteranadon

2x Babycerasaurus

3x Ultimate Conductor Tyranno

3x Megalosmasher X

1x Rescue Rabbit

1x Tyranno Infinity


3x Fossil Dig

3x Lost World

3x Terraforming

2x Twin  Twisters

1x Swords of Concealing Light


2x Magic Cylinder

2x Fossil Excavation

1x Survival of the Fittest

3x Quaking Mirror Force

1x Mirror Force



2x Mind Crush

2x Survival's End

1x Survival of the Fittest

1x Burial from a Different Dimension

1x D.D.R Different Dimension Reincarnation

2x Super Conductor Tyranno

1x Tyranno Infinity

1x Swords of Concealing Light

1x Secret Blast

2x Stegocyber

1x Mirror Force


it was the best i could do on short notice and medium budget, not busting out all my cash for true kings or a stacked extra deck i'll barely need beyond bahamut shark and toad. the deck worked fine getting the big dinos out fairly quick, filling the grave and banishing cards to power up infinity, plussing off their dark holes and stuff. one of the games i sided in super condutor over ultimate conductor, you'll see why and it def helped, most of the time i just sided in mind crush and occasionally DDR or Stegocyber, once i sided in the 2nd infinity.


R1 Ancient Gear

This was a nightmare, he got out chaos giant both games and stomped me before i could put up a fight, g2 i got an early ultimate conductor and got rid of chaos giant but he got rid of my ultimate conductor next turn and won anyway, i drew ass though so did he in g1 apparently


R2: Shinobird Spirit

i know this kid, and like him. he plays weird stuff like exodia and this thing. g1 i barely scraped a win by beating face with my dinos every time hihs spirits returned to hand, G2 i sided mind crushes in to prematurely take out the ritual, didnt draw them and he bounced my field repeatedly and won. G3 i drew into my mind crushes early and stopped him getting the ritual out, he didnt have much more to threaten me besides dark dust spirit and shinobird crow running over everything i had but i sided in super conductor over ultimate conductor in g2 because i woouldnt need to set his monsters, since he rarely had any on my turn and super conductor was easier to bring out, just pop a petiteranadon.



This was hilarious, i got so many pluses on the first couple of turns with rescue rabbit + lost world, him hitting dark hole and taking out 2 monsters but leaving the megalosmashers to again be saved by lost world, the game was tight too i got him low but he won in the end. we took so long though that when i let him go first, time was called after he paid 1000 LP for a card, so i won the game by LP without even doing anything and it was declared a draw. during G1 he summoned all his big D/D/D cards and i swung back hard as i could but it was just too much for me.


now this is where the organizer i swear smoked a ton of weed and decided both YGO and the vanguard players on the other side, should have some tag matches.


R4: Tag w Spyral VS UA Monarch and IDK

i think the other guy was playing battlin boxers, i saw glassjaw and switch hitter but i also saw a ton of battle traps like dimensional prison and beast king barbaros too so i have no idea. anyway we stomped them my partner kept his stuff alive and kept poking at them, i got a big hit of 5k damage on them with ultimate conductor. we ultimately won and we were only playing 1 game so yay.


R5: Tag w Abyss Actor VS Ancient Gear and DDD

oh look, my R1 and R3 opponents again. yikes they just overwhelmed us summoning a ton of big beaters like D'arc, oblivion and Chaos Giant and they ended up beating us down hard, dosent help my partner was messing about with this abyss actor deck, his Spyrals got him to the finals anyway already since he was unbeaten to this point.


R6: tag w graydle kaiju VS UA monatch and Ancient Gear

this one was considerably closer, my partner didnt do much, he never got to keep anything on the field, most he was able to do was kaiju a Goalkeeper, i did most of the damage with ultimate conductor, but eventually he got out Chaos Giant and swung with limiter removal for game. 


2 wins, 1 draw, 3 losses


the Spyral guy and Ancient Gear guy fought in the finals, the Spyral kid won some packs, he gave a couple to the other guy and he pulled a Big Core, which he gave to me gladly, i think one of them pulled Union Hangar too, so nice for them


All in all i had a good time and i'll def be going back sometime, the dinos performed well and really my only problem was the ancient gear guy and his chaos giant since it was basically guaranteed damage, and my only real out was ultimate conductor. 


bought some packs on the way out, pulled some cyber angel stuff and gave it to the Spyral kid since i didnt need it. 


so how was my first tour report?

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2x Babycerasaurus

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i mean i'd run a third if i had more ways than just oviraptor and Ultimate conductor to pop it myself, like true kings or something. but 2 is fine as it stands, it can be searched, dumped, or brought out whenever i need it, and tbh the only thing it searches that petiteranadon cant is other copies of itself or petiteranadon

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