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Pendulum Magicians

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dexer008    805

This is the list I've been playing with as of late. I'll give brief descriptions of card choices after the list, and ask some questions on opinions in what I could be running better.


List: 40


Monsters: 30

3 Performapal Skullcrobat Joker

3 Wisdom-Eye Magician

3 Double Iris Magician

3 Purple Poison Magician

3 Black Fang Magician

3 White Wing Magician

3 Harmonizing Magician

2 Chronograph Sorcerer

1 Astrograph Sorcerer

1 Oafdragon Magician

1 Timegazer Magician

1 Timesword Magician

1 Tune Magician

1 Maxx "c"

1 Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit


Spells: 8

3 Duelist Alliance

2 Pendulum Call

2 Star Pendulumgraph

1 Upstart Goblin


Traps: 2

2 Time Pendulmgraph


Extra: 15

2 Timestar Magician

1 Tornado Dragon

1 Trapeze Magician

1 Number 39: Utopia

1 Number S39: Utopia the Lightning

1 Number S39: Utopia Beyond

1 Blackrose Dragon

1 Odd-eyes Meteorburst Dragon

1 Psy-framelord Omega

1 Ignister, the Blasting Dracoslayer

1 Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons

1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

1 Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree

1 Supreme King Z-ARC



3 Of's of every magician;

This is part laziness/ unsure thoughts on my part. Every magician has been useful in testing in some situation, but due to the searchability of them I can probably cut some of them down. With this build, my opinion is from most useful to least useful; 1) Purple Poison Magician, 2) Black Fang Magician 3) Double Iris Magician

4) White Wing Magician. 


Purple is in my opinion the best one because he makes half your monster line-up difficult to beat over, and is solid out to master peace due to making something like skullcrobat or timestar bigger then it, or removing Peace or Diagram when destroyed. Black Fang is great for making 1 card xyz plays and his atk halving effect is both in tangent to purple's effect in dealing with master peace or things you couldn't beat over/ opens up for otks. With 3 Duelist Alliance, double Iris loses more value here then older builds who seeked to pop it turn 1 with sky iris or zoodiac sign, and such I am finding I am using her mostly for synchro/ xyz fodder for plays, and the occasional otk with her pendulum effect. Finally White Wing is mostly just been here for being a tuner, as mentioned earlier I preferred to put purple in the scale as my low scale, so rarely have i ever used her for the pendulum effect. Running 3 though opens up to double Omega turn 1, something I probably will end up putting back in the deck, just need to figure out which. 


1 Astrograph, 2 Chrono?

When I began to test these guys they became less useful the more I tested and tested. Not sharing the magician name really hinders the insane things this deck could have done, and their effects are at best medicore. Astrograph searching a lv4 when summoned is pretty good I will admit, but opening up double astrograph can be very limiting, and I don't really understand why people play 3 of him, especially when you can search it with Timestar. Chronograph is in comparison much worse as to why you'd want to summon something from hand when you most likely could have pendulum it is beyond me. The actually only reason I run 2 is because its 2000 atk body with type and attribute work with most of our smaller guys, and its lv6, which open up to some cheap otks with utopia beyond, or if you wanted to you could run norito the moral leader as a giant totem bird going first. 


The 1 of's magicians

Oafdragon is being played exclusively to minus the cost from pendulum call, that's it. He is however great at re-occurring resources that have been lost to xyz summons, however that line of play comes later in the game usually, in which case I don't see the need to run 3. I might consider bumping him to 2 if further testing shows he is needed for those long drawn out grind games, but for now 1 has been fine. Tune magician opens up some lines of play with the lv6's making blackrose or meteorburst for board wipes and protection from masterpeace/ whiptail/ drident possibly, as well as opens up trishula in the extra deck. It also is a decent discard for pendulum call and is a good card to send with timestars effect, making the send 1 cost basically null. Not to mention omega can easily cylce back tune to the graveyard for further synchro plays. Timesword and Timegazer and placeholders at the moment, they're not the best cards and could probaly easily be replaced, but they do  sort of synergize and give more options in the deck. The biggest thing is they are lv3 for harmonzing to conduct lv7 synchro summons. timegazer is decent to put into scale via chrono sorcerer for protection against traps in the battle phase, and has ok monster effect in protecting your scales. Timesword is decent to if you are facing down backrow and expect a solemn strike, as summoning him by himself lifts him to 2400 atk and can banish a monster for a turn, this is notable on xyz monsters like the zoodiacs. It's pendulum effect is also decent as it allows you to save pendulum monsters you control from being destroyed once each per turn. 


2 Time Pendulumgraph

I run 2 because the card is great removal, and I want a extra copy in case the first is destroyed. Needed in the the Truce draco match-up as well.


Blackrose dragon?

Seeing pendulum call is a card, and all the magicians get effect/ go to extra when destroyed, having this field wipe could be potentially devasting



You can make him with oafdragon and harmonzing/white wing magician, and seems like a decent option to out master peace in my opinion. With harmonzing  though it banishes my oafdragon, so there is more reasoning to run a second oaf, or perhaps just cut this card. 


Supreme Dragon King Z-Arc?

Many opt not to run this guy, but in reading him to me he is basically a giant red button. In a simplified game  state he shines the best, or like blackrose if you need to wipe a board. If I were to cut something though it probably be this guy, or the lv7's if I cut timesword/gazer. This would allow me to fit in the second omega for the double omega play turn 1, which I do miss playing as of late.


Why am I playing this deck?

Its new and nostalgic at the same time, I think many players will agree Pendulum decks have been some of the most fun decks to have been played, due to the workings of the mechanic, and the cool card design to have gone into the cards. I also think this deck going forward has the most in-built ways to deal with True dracos that aren't named kaijus, and the deck itself reminds me of the very old deck warrior toolbox, where you can search for any magician card you need for the situation to deal with threats.




1) What would you cut from this to make this deck better, and what would you add in its place? Yes I do think zoodiacs have a place in here, but until I obtain those cards this list will more then likely be zooless.


2) Has anybody thought of amazing side deck cards for this deck? So far I've been trying archtypical support such as dragonpit/pulse magician, xiangke magician for light based decks, and generic removal cards such as kaijus. 


3) How do you think this deck fairs going forward? For those in the North American WCQ, Light's redemption will give this deck even more options to work with, possibly the last of the odd-eyes support and the supreme king servant dragons in theory. 

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SpiceyYanni1    333

So I've been testing this deck alot for nawcq and I just think if you're not running so you're putting yourself at a disadvantage. Barrage gains you so much advantage and let's you pop iris turn one. 


I personally don't think asto and chrono are any good either 

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»victor    6400

Why don't you play 1-2 Ignight Reload?

That is like the best consistency card and the reason you play so many Pendulums.


I'm of the belief that this deck needs Fairy Tail - Luna or some secondary engine to let you play when you get Dimension Barrier'd.


The Armageddon Knight Zephyros engine is nice with Tuning Magician, and gives you plays with Shaddoll Dragon.


I also think that Jinzo Jector and Jinzo is critical to the success of this deck, since the most played cards are Dimensional Barrier, Unending Nightmare, Anti-Spell Fragrance, Imperial Order, Solemn Strike, etc.


Psi-Blocker, Denko Sekka, Photon Cerberus, all the fit the bill as well.


I'm also of the belief that Pendulum Impenetrable is the card that everybody is sleeping on, and have no idea why more folks aren't playing it now that it's searchable!



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»victor    6400

On that note, you could just play:




The DARK Spellcaster that works with all your support.


You can also play stuff like Thunder Dragon for Pleiades, and that's a good 3 card sideout, works with Pendulum Call, and so on.

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dexer008    805

I will note SpiceyYanni I'm actually pretty clueless in what zoodiacs you'd play besides raptier and drident. Maybe whiptail and Tiger mortar? This will also sound extremely casual, but I think running zoodiacs takes away from what these cards can do. I remember having a similar position when pendulum magicians where last a thing, saying xyz monsters are not as good as synchro/ fusion plays with pendulums. But with that said I will try it , might have to bump to 42 to fit.


As for your notes Victor, I was trying the old magicians and was using Luna, heck I even made the card discussion for it, so I was considering using her, wasn't sure how well she would do though in the new format or her new interactions but I think I'll put her back in. 


Tried the Arma engine in the past and came to the conclusion its to many cards just to justify running tuning magician, timestar and harmonizing get me to see tuning magician and trish enough I think anyways.


Jinzo injector and jinzo isn't something I've tried, but it sounds like in tangent to the arma engine, too many non-pends in a pendulum deck. Psi-blocker and denko seem more better options but I'm really intrigued to try breaker now that you've reminded me of it. The only issue I see is battling for the normal summon with joker but that's beside the point, maybe more a problem if trying to use luna as well. 


Thunder dragons cool, I'd be more making volcasurus then pleadies I reckon though. 

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»victor    6400

The main reason to play Zoodiacs is Broadbull.


1 Rank 4 -> 2 Broadbull so another path to full scales (Dragoons of Draconia, Performapal King Bear).


There's also this interaction with Darkwurm / Supreme Gates:


On 6/3/2017 at 5:32 PM, victor said:

Bumping this back up because of how it works with Odd-Eyes and Pendulum Magicians that are DARK, especially the Zarc ones that are coming out in a couple of weeks.


With the banlist changes and the cards we are getting back, we now have lots of ways to achieve Scale setup and ways to power through Unending Nightmare, Tornado Dragon, Drident, etc.




People are sleeping on the deck because getting your Scale Setup back again, means this is literally a Soul Charge / RFTDD because it's a Spell, without the LP cost, and without loss of Battle Phase.


Heck, Broadbull is generic so you can search, go into Drident, pop your own Scales if needed, activate this, and go off.



On that note, Tuning Magician is actually the worse/bad reason for AK (don't even need it), Zephyros 1 card XYZ is the main reason, letting you make Evilswarm Nightmare, Master Key Beetle, and even Broadbull now(!)


I think in this day and age of Yugioh every card/board needs to have a Quick Effect, so Nightmare, Pleiades get you to that.


Because you reduce it to the "oh you don't have an out, you can't play" gamestate, and with MBAAS, you can have even more protection for your monster fields, and have searchable Pendulum Impenetrable to boot.


What if the 1 card Scales are enabling cards that let you play Pendulums like Dragon Rulers, Soul Charge and RFTDD every turn?




I mention Luna, GoSR, Thunder Dragon as LIGHTs, so there is potential for Chaos with BLS and Chaos Sorc.


Pendulum Call, Twin Twisters, AK, get DARKs in grave. You have Dragon Shrine with Master Pendulum, Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm, etc. it's not hard to setup Chaos...


WTH, Darkwurm works with the Pendulum Call, Twister discard going 2nd?!

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Fullerene60    381

These new cards are insanely powerful. I think the answer again will be to look at what the best cards avaialable right now that have moderate synergy and throw them into a deck together. This is what I have come to so far and it is SOOOO much fun to play.

Don't mind the sideboard.

I built it because well... Double iris is busted, especially since you can search out that trap for consistent defense. Also the fact that you can use drident to trigger its effect if need be is great.


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Hoodwink    3
On 6/26/2017 at 4:46 AM, Fullerene60 said:

These new cards are insanely powerful. I think the answer again will be to look at what the best cards avaialable right now that have moderate synergy and throw them into a deck together. This is what I have come to so far and it is SOOOO much fun to play.

Don't mind the sideboard.

I built it because well... Double iris is busted, especially since you can search out that trap for consistent defense. Also the fact that you can use drident to trigger its effect if need be is great.



This looks really cool, but do you ever find yourself missing Harmoising Magician (and the ability to go into Ignister, etc) or any of the other Magician cards or Duelist Alliance? Also, I think Pend Sorc might be really good as it can pop dead Barrages or Tenkis or Ramrams and extend combos while giving you fresh scales, a pot of greed or more Jokers.

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