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Wonderland mafia

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Day over.


Francis J Underwood was lynched. He was: 


An almighty beast you are. Out of the poem straight into the magnificent world of Wonderland where everyone seems so tasteful. Can you appease your appetite before a hero that can kill you arises?

you are Jabberwock

Once per night, you may eat a player (that player doesn't die but is trapped inside of your belly). You gain all abilities that player might have had. You also receive a quicktopic where you can speak with any character eaten. But your belly is only that big and it cannot hold more than 2 players at once. If you wish to consume another, you must release one first. If you die, all eaten characters return to the world unharmed.

you win when you are among the last 2 living players (eaten players are not considered living players for your wincondition)


Sophocles and iSlickz have been returned to (Deadman) Wonderland! 



1. Wunterslaus

8. iSlickz

12. Faint

15. Malcolm

17. Sophocles 


Night begins now and ends in 24 hours or when beast has received all actions. 

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