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March 2012 Format

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Serwitsch    1

Since this is pretty much the only place in the Yugioh community that even tries to keep old formats out of oblivion I figured I should try and spark some interest in my favorite format.

Official March 2012 Ban list:

Forbidden Cards:



Limited Cards:




Semi-Limited Cards:





"Decks to beat": 

- Wind-Ups
- Inzektors
- Dino-Rabbit

- Chaos Dragons


Although this format featured one of the most notorious and degenerate combos in the game, it still has a place in my heart due to the huge variety of decks that were playable at the time and the number of tech choices and slight adjustments that players could explore.

"Staples" / Most popular cards of the format:
- Maxx "C" (x2-x3)
- Effect Veiler (x2-x3)
- Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
- Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning

- Tour Guide from the Underworld (x3)
- Sangan

- Heavy Storm

- Monster Reborn

- Dark Hole

- Solemn Judgment 

- Solemn Warning (x2)


This was probably the best deck of the format, although it's hard to say definitively which deck was the most dominant.


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+Gemstone Mine    2630
1 hour ago, TRUMPOLOGIST said:

This was the format that got me to quit yugioh 



at the time i quit, this format easily made the top 3 worst formats in the game's history. Chaos Dragons were bullshit, Inzektors were usually bullshit, Dino Rabbit was usually bullshit, wu hand loop was absolute bullshit.

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+Gemstone Mine    2630

september 2012 was a really solid format tho. It's like the watered down, more fair version of this format. WUs are the best deck by a pretty large margin, but not an overwhelming margin, and are very skillful, especially in the mirror.

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Brandis72    40

Yeah, it's basically balanced March 2012, with less Inzektors (lets all admit that the only reason why Billy Brake won with Inzektors was because no-one even acknowledged their existence).

it's not very healthy though, and WU is just better than just about every other deck if piloted right and with an appropriate sideboard.

Thankfully, WU mirrors are rather interesting, especially considering that shock master is not an automatic win, because, you know, this format actually has orange, green, AND purple cards that kill things.


Similar scenario as Tenguplant, bad format with a clear best deck that happens to have a good mirror match.


Confused about OP: if you liked diverse ''modern pre-ARC-V'' formats... why didn't you just stick to Edison (eh, fine, I kinda get the complaints with Frognarch being stupid, but otherwise quite diverse, and, unlike M2012, actually fair.) or HAT.

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