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  1. 1. Which Deck Was The Best Deck ?

    • Infernity
    • Dragon Ruler
    • Bujin
    • H.A.T
    • Mermail
    • Lightsworn
    • Geargia
    • Madolche
    • Sylvan
    • Zombie FTK
    • Other (and post reason why)

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+Silver    1008
1 minute ago, Grimey said:

i have literally 0 idea what happened in that jeff jones clip can someone explain 

latest?cb=20130823080336 -> 1034328.jpg + 27458_200w.jpg = DESTRUCTION.png



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Grimey    8113

thanks, i just couldnt see the honest bc of glimmer and forgot it was a card tbh 

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+Tr!stan    60

koa'ki meirus


so far 6-0 in games (1 match vs cameron's gb thing, 2 vs silver's drulers)
forgot vanity's emptiness was a card so that should probably be in there somewhere i guess.

threw it together kinda quick so the side is a mess, wanted cards to go 2nd vs infernity, maybe 3 maxx c 3 d.d. crow is enough idk, doesn't hurt to have veilers too.

might be worth playing more soul charge too for power plays, was pretty good making 2 101 and a dweller vs silver in g2 vs his star eater after he veiler'd my 1st 101

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