All that you need to do to start a team is just have 4 to 10 different members on it (including yourself). On DuelistGroundz, we have two different formats for wars, current format and goat format, so you’ll have to decide which format your team will play. Once you’ve decided, simply post below with your team name, format, and team lineup. It’s worth noting that every member of your team must join our discord channel (invite here), so post their discord name as well. Here’s an example below:   Team name: Actual Literal Nuts Formats: Current Lineup: - ACP / (ACP’s discord name) - A duelist / (A duelist’s discord name) - The best duelist / (The best duelist’s discord name) - Another duelist / (Another duelist’s discord name) - Some random / (Some random’s discord name) - The GOAT / (The GOAT’s discord name) - A player / (A player’s discord name)   In this particular example, my team has 7 members, and I’ve made sure to post their discord names.   After making this post, we’ll create a discord role for your team (so that people can easily tag everyone on your team) and then you should start a team thread in this forum. The thread should include your team’s lineup (including discord names) and you should use it to keep track of your team’s record (linking to war threads as confirmation of your record). In the thread title, you could use put the format(s) that your team plays in brackets. Other teams will then use your thread to issue you challenges in your format(s) of choice. Also, if you are a current/goats team, you should specify which of your team members play which particular format(s).   This thread may also be used to ask any questions that you have about the formation of teams.   Frequently Asked Questions   Q: Can I be a member of multiple teams? A: Only if you are a member of one team that is a current format team and another team that is a goat format team. Otherwise, no.   Q: Can I lead multiple teams? A: At the moment, only if one of them is a current format team and the other is a goat format team. Otherwise, no.   Q: Can I make an alliance with another team? A: For now, yes, as long as you do not make any agreements to unfairly manipulate match or war results (ie throwing matches).   Q: Can I be the leader of a team but not play any matches? A: A team captain is held to the same activity standards as an ordinary team member. You should expect to play with the same frequency that is expected of any other member of your team.   Q: Can I decide to change the formats that my team plays? A: Yes, assuming that the rest of your team is ok with that. For example, perhaps you started a current/goats team but found out that your team members didn’t really like the current format anymore. It would then be ok to change your team to a goats only team.