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Rules, Disputes, and Punishments

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For all card rulings-related disputes with your opponent, we recommend using the internet first to find an answer. Although not all card rulings are well-documented, most are. We always follow TCG-US rulings unless otherwise stated. In the event that you are your opponent cannot find or agree on the correct card ruling, then contact War Council. The best way to do this is through discord using the @Event Staff tag. Policy issues will be handled according to the guidelines laid out in the document below.


In the event of a disconnection where it not possible for the player to reconnect (such as for matches played on DuelingBook.com), the disconnected player will receive a game loss. The only exception is for disconnecting during sidedecking or before the match has started. If both players disconnect at the same time (ie due to a server-side outage) the game in progress will instead be replayed.


In addition, for any player management issues such as slow play, angle shooting, your opponent being exceptionally bad-mannered, etc., please also contact War Council. We typically follow the Konami guidelines in regards to how to deal with these things.


It is worth noting that any attempt to gain an unfair advantage (as determined by War Council) in either an individual match, an individual war, or the season as a whole is considered cheating and bears the punishment of disqualification. Any questions as far as what constitutes an unfair advantage can be directed at War Council.


After a single week of no matches being played in a particular week, either team leader may request that the war be ended by War Council. In this event, the war is considered incomplete and War Council will judge the activity of the war and the record and award either a win, draw, or double loss to the team(s). The metric for determining activity is the number of tags directed at the opposing team in the #findyugiohgames channel of discord. If a player instructs one of the members of his team to “dodge” (intentionally avoid playing matches), that team will be awarded a loss for any affected wars.

For any further questions regarding our rules and policies, please consult our comprehensive Duelistgroundz Policy Documents written by @mmf with additional help from YGOrganization.

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»ACP    33421

There have been significant problems with people not reporting ranked losses. Most of the time it's just people being new and not understanding how the system works, but there have also been cases of people actively refusing to report a loss due to salt etc. Instances of this will be punished. Additionally, repeated instances of not reporting (even with no malicious intent) will be punished as well if it becomes a problem with certain particular users.


Steinman has been banned for ranked and warring for a week (starting now) for refusing to report a loss.


If you beat someone in a ranked duel and they aren't reporting the loss, please let someone on staff know.

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