Ratings   All individuals (and only individuals) will have a rating. They will be rated in both goat format and current format. The ratings system is elo-like with a slight decay to prevent players from climbing to the top of the rankings and just sitting there. There is also a medal system: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and master duelist. Every player will start in gold and move up or down as they complete matches.   Reporting Matches   Matches will be reported in discord to the “WarBot” that automatically keeps track of ratings. This includes both war matches and individual matches not played for war. The loser of the match must report using the commands !currentlossvs and !goatlossvs (tag your opponent). Any form of ratings boosting is considered cheating. You may only beat the same user up to two times per week per format.   Ask staff if you’re not sure how to report matches or check your rating, and they will help you.   Playoffs   Every 3 months, there will be two separate playoff events, one for current advanced format and one for goat format. All playoff events will be played as double elimination. In the event that byes need to be awarded, they will always go to top ranked players. Similarly, the top-seeded players choose their first-round opponents in order of their seed. In other words, if eight players qualify for a playoff event, the #1 seed will choose their first opponent from the other 7, then the #2 seed will choose their first opponent from the remaining 5, and the #3 seed will choose their opponent from the remaining 3.   Playoffs are open to all players that have the rank of “master duelist” in each respective format at the end of the time period. One additional invite (seeded below all master-ranked players) will be awarded to the winner of each DCS held during that season (one invite for current format playoffs, one invite for goat format playoffs). Players have a maximum of 2-5 days to find their opponent and play their round, depending on the size of the playoff event. If a match is not completed, War Council will award the win to the player who appeared more active.