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Stomach The MachoPony

Machopony Tries his luck at the LLDS

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So this wasnt my average locals, this was a proper event with judges, proper scorecards. decklists to be submitted and a sharp start and completion. 


Having (almost) completed my World Chalice deck (was missing 2 venus, 3 shine ball and 2 guardragon, picked up a venus and 3 shine balls at the event ordered guardragons and venus off ebay) i decided to try my luck with the deck.


Build is here:




Card Choices: i drew into too many of the normals too often, will cut those down when i get venus in the deck, might also cut a gofu. the field spell wasnt really ever useful, it was a test thing and it didnt work i'll probably take it out, Kurenai was a niche tech which i never drew and sided out more often than not. Grand Horn and Dimensional Barrier are amazing, i might actually main a couple more grand horn. since i didnt have the raw speed i needed i tried to gear more towards setting up plays over a few turns and slowing down my opponent, worked fine against slower decks, but against the big boys it struggled. 


Friday night there's a Vanguard sneak peek some guys go to, locals guy says that he'd let the YGO guys come and test and buy mega tins early (i bought 3 yugi and 1 kaiba, ended with a playset of dark magical circle and magicians rod for a deck down the line, otherwise not much. some zoo stuff and a couple of twin burst, and a grand total of 6 fking Fairy Tail Sleeper)  first match was a world chalice mirror against a guy i'm getting friendly with, he had the proper build and showed me some combos i didnt know for the tour on sat, we had a fun duel, he won obv but it was a good match. also played a little kid with his ancient gear deck who sacked 2 power bond in 2 games, yeah i cant stop 9k chaos giant without my sideboard. i mean with dimensional barriers and grand horn i could stop it coming now but meh. 


so me and my buddy got there like 45min early, lifted some cash, i bought a set of shine balls and paid entry, pulled jack shit from my 2 mega packs for entry. buddy had to go post some cards and get a snack, i filled out my decklist and waited for it to start. 


R1: Dinomist

And as luck would have it, my buddy/roomate in the first fking duel. i was pretty confident, he's not that great and he re-built this deck last night after selling a fair bit of it away then pulling the stuff back off the mega tins.

G1 he got out 2 plesios and a ceratops with 6 dinomist cards on board and powerload, i scooped.

G2: reversal of fate, i opened pretty nuts and did my spamming to end with a blademaster, ningrisu, priestess and a spare beckoned out. beat over his monsters and swung direct, he couldnt respond and next turn was game. 

G3: Man i love Dimensional Barrier. drew it like Turn 1, set it, he got a decent board out i managed to get my stuff out and clear it for a bit of direct damage. on his Standby i flipped Barrier, called pendulum, he looked at me with a "i'm going to kill you later you son of a bitch" look and ended, i swung direct for the game. 


R2: Mermail Atlantean


Hey 2012 called, it wants its deck back!

In all seriousness, nice guy, good games 

G1: he derped and herped, not much i could do in response, he ultimately won

G2: he bricked like hell and i got a nice board out swung over 2 turns for the game

G3: Opened a pair of Mind Crush, managed to stop the worst of his plays, he still got a good board out after i  beat some LP off him, and then he OTKed me 




R3: True King Dinos

A member of Team New Tier, a proper professional team? yeah i had absolutely no chance and i knew it, wasnt even trying

G1: he spent 5 min playing solitaire to end with some True King Xyz an oviraptor and a babycerasaurus. got rid of the xyz and beat over cera, but my hand wasnt good enough to make a big play. next turn he crushed me.

G2: i put up a fight, drew a half decent hand and got a good board out, which he promptly beat over with Ultimate Conductor and a true king monster. OTKed. 




R4: Performapal

Props for uniqueness, and a surprisingly strong deck. 

G1: he rolled over me, i drew absolute garbage and got decimated

G2: drew a decent opener and got a nice board out, played around a couple of traps and managed to beat him over a couple of turns.

G3: just as we started, Time was called for the round so we had to go for a quick 5 turn duel. T0 he got a silverclaw out, T1 i got some stuff out beat him down a bit T2 he got some stuff out beat over my link spider for a good chunk of damage T3: using proxy dragon i managed to get ningrisu out and beat him down to like 800 LP. T4: he dropped proxy to 0 and got his monster up to 3600, exactly how many LP i had left. was a really GG




R5: Graydle

I like the guy, he calls me "cheeky smile". has a shirt with a pair of owls saying "Nice Hooters" too. 

G1: i open shit and get stomped, manage to stop his big plays with some well placed traps but ran into a storming mirror force and got beat down

G2: ran into storming again, but managed to beat through the disadvantage and stop his big plays (swords of revealing light + drill barnacle for one) beat him over a couple of turns

time got called before G3 so judge ruled a draw on account of no time. 




Overall Thoughts: i did better than i thought i would. sure i lost 3 but 2 of them were extremely close and if i had the proper build, mightve swung in my favour. Dimensional Barrier is amazing, Grand  Horn of Heaven is great and Mind Crush is still a fantastic side card against search heavy decks that rely on one or 2 big cards. 


Had a good time even if i did end up losing a fair few games. it was a learning experience for next time, and hell organizer said he would probably do a Regional either before or after christmas. if i can perfect my deck and combos for then, i might stand a proper chance next time. 

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