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Prae Yoshiru

Yoshiru's Art Request

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Hey guys name's Yoshiru and I do photoshop in my free time.


So what do I do/make?


I make : Banners, Logos, Profile Picture, Sleeves(DB), Wallpapers etc. etc. 






1.Link to the photo you want me to edit

2.Discord/Skype/DB/Email Anything I can send the photo to you

3.What do you want me to do with the photo (Providing an example would be ideal)

4.What do you want me to make (Banner,Wallpaper etc.)

5.Your resolution (Wallpapers only, or if websites require specific resolutions for photos)


Examples of my work : 


Wallpapers : 




Banners : 


lamassu complete.pngmaestro complete.pngYoshiru4.pngFSG dONE.png


Profile Pictures : 




Logos : 



And many more...

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Spelling mistake

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