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Hurricane Irma

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Bazoo    5701



Hurricane Irma is coming to South Florida on Sunday morning. It is one of the strongest storms ever recorded and has already battered a few Caribbean Islands. Right now, its projection says it will hit the Miami side and work its way up the coast. I think Miami is going to be another New Orleans+Katrina. People are going to be trapped, city will be flooded and significant parts will need to be rebuilt, etc.


I live in Florida but have evacuated to Georgia for now and might go even more north (please don't loot me). In certain parts it will be possible to ride out but other parts, it will not. Floridians of DGZ, what are you doing? Riding it out or evacuating?

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Lancer    96

Bit late I guess but I stayed and it ended up being pretty uneventful. 


I was originally going to go from the Fort Lauderdale area to Tampa, but then it looked like Tampa was going to get hit really hard, so that fell through.

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