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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links FTP Beginner Guide

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Armend    0
13 minutes ago, Inti said:

On second thought its probably best you don't reroll since you already unlocked Crowler and I don't know how many of AG cards you have but if you have 2-3 of all of them I would not recommend it. Yeah starting out requires to grind a lot if you want to play this game competitively. 

Allright than! I will just find a way to grind to 4,5m these days.

Currently got Soldiers, castle & the Golem. Only Knight and Beast seem quite hard to obtain 3 copies of.
Guess u can buy only 1 of each from trader? And 1 of each from leveling crowler.
Could obtain a 3rd for defeating him at lv. 40 aswell?

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dexer008    804

You can get 3 of every Ancient Gear card by just farming Crowler, you can get some goodies from leveling him up as well such as Castle, a 2nd Golem and Spell Gear. 

Come this weekend the new box will be dropped and it will introduce Gladiator Beasts, all their cards I noticed are Supers and under bar 1 Fusion (heraklinos, who honestly isn't needed), I would say maybe invest in those cause they're looking to be the new age Naturia in the sense it will be a very cheap F2P deck. 

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Faint    5619
On 02/11/2017 at 2:59 AM, Inti said:

I made a new updated if anyone wants to make any changes let me know. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VaeEgS5QE-dnKy9qfh58EfVKMmOWUaUOGq3o8gNftBE/edit?usp=sharing

Just to be added, Blast held by a tribute needs to be included in the cards not to trade in


I traded mine in and was stuck at stage 46 for like a month ;-;

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