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Rare Fish Turbo - Victor Style

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»victor    6404

I saw that other troll post which probably should have been moved to Deck Garage but wasn't, but anyways, I figured this is a good place as any to post this.


The way to build a competitive Fish or WATER deck nowadays is:




In case you guys don't see why this is really strong in Link Format, consider having 1 Rank 4 WATER XYZ in the Extra Deck Monster Zone, e.g.:




So you XYZ Remora that WATER Rank 4, to end up with 3 WATER monsters in your monster zones:


That lets you make:




And Shark has 3100 ATK and Toad has 2700 ATK, all for little to no effort.


The LV 3 Sharks have a nice niche because you can revive a LV 3 Tuner, and have Level Modulation:





2 Level 3 monsters


Once per turn, if this card has material: You can target 1 "Number" Xyz Monster in your GY, except "Number 71: Rebarian Shark"; Special Summon it, and if you do, attach 1 material from this card to it. If this card is sent to the GY: You can choose 1 "Rank-Up-Magic" Spell from your Deck and place it on top of your Deck.





Note the second effect, if you Link with Rebarian Shark for Mistar Boy, you can stack RUM 7th One.

Shark Stickers being LV 3 is better now that you can Link irrespective of Levels andMermaid Shark's  Stratos body finally has a use
 Silent Angler and Beatunaful Princess are great as always, and Rare Fish gives you a LV 4 WATER Fish Special Summon.



 Keep in mind,



  Returning 2 WATER monsters to the Deck is an effect, not a cost.

So Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring is just a 1 for 1, not a -3.
ABJS also can't affect Salvage as it is from the grave to the hand, so the deck isn't hit as hard as say Trade In, Cards of Consonance, Pot of Desires, etc.
And that's only the tip of the iceberg, because you have:



 Now that  Rescue Rabbit  is at 3, we have 7 Colored Fish and Space Mambo as our 6 targets, and you could even go the SDKC route.
 Enchanting Mermaid and Root Water are garbage LV 3s for Lebarian Shark but they are salvaged by Shark Stickers and Hammer Shark, if that matters.

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mark    3111

which post are you refering to?

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»victor    6404

Fixed the bad spacing/quotes from before.




What's more, the deck now has White Aura Whale, which is a walking Raigeki, attacks monsters twice, has Piercing, and if it dies, comes back in the Main Monster Zone, how cool is that?

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