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Teched out Blue Eyes

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brian.inc    266

Blue-Eyes deck list:

Main (42)

  Monsters (20):
  3x   Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon
  3x   Blue-Eyes White Dragon
  2x   Dragon Spirit of White
  1x   Master with Eyes of Blue
  1x   PSY-Frame Driver
  3x   PSY-Framegear Gamma
  3x   Sage with Eyes of Blue
  2x   The White Stone of Ancients
  2x   The White Stone of Legend

  Spells (22):
  3x   Magical Spring
  3x   Pot of Desires
  3x   Return of the Dragon Lords
  3x   Silver's Cry
  1x   Soul Charge
  3x   The Melody of Awakening Dragon
  3x   Trade-In
  3x   Twin Twisters

  Traps (0):

Extra (15)

  1x   Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector
  1x   Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon
  1x   Black Rose Moonlight Dragon
  2x   Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon
  1x   Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon
  1x   Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon
  1x   Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn
  1x   Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy
  1x   Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon
  1x   PSY-Framelord Omega
  1x   Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend
  1x   Stardust Dragon
  1x   Stardust Spark Dragon
  1x   Vermillion Dragon Mech


So outside of the decks inherent flaws, I don’t think Blue Eyes are that badly positioned in the current meta. Yeah there are bricky hands and you get wrecked by a well timed Ash but we can run a couple decent techs and I’m a sucker for legacy decks. Current turn 1 boards are not that impressive for the most part due to master rule 4 so my current build is designed to go second. Return and 3k bodies are a nice way to beat Master Peace. Silver’s Cry in the battle phase also circumvents the Draco traps, not to mention the raw destructive (banishing) ability of Spirit of White. Both Spirit dragons (the synchro and main deck monster) are also strong against pendulum decks.


Some card choices:

- Gamma is fuckin sick rn. Aside from partially mitigating this deck’s weakness to Ash, you can actually shit on the standard Draco turn 1 board (Maiden with a trap set, they hope to search Master Peace on your turn). It’s dangerous AF to run this with Desires but I’d like to think people who play this deck like to live dangerously. Finally Stardust, Omega, and Scarlight are all decent choices to go into depending on the game state.

- Master with Eyes of Blue instead of Veiler or Fabled Catsith. I feel that the other lv 1 light tuner targets are fairly underwhelming right now. Master obv generates value, and can increase the ceiling of plays this deck can do. It can also clear an extra deck monster that’s used up and clogging your extra monster zone (a spent Alsei, Dark Matter, etc)

- magical spring was the most contentious spot for me. I was either going to swap it out for a play set of Cosmic Cyclone or Ash. While I feel those 2 are more generic and good in a wider array of matchups, I think Spring can straight up auto win you games against Magicians. It also shuts off Apocalypse against Dracos and forces them to use Diagram on shit in their hand. All while furthering your engine. A lot of the time it would function as another Trade In / Cards of Consonance. You could pitch Stones and plus or you could pitch big bodies for revival. 

- no Chaos MAX because in my testing it needed too many things to go right, and would often just end up with either dead copies of the monster or the ritual spell. It would also open up more vulnerabilities to Dimensional Barrier. Also Manju would conflict with Gamma, and have no real synergy with the rest of the deck outside of being Sage fodder. I will not deny that MAX is pretty good in the current meta tho


Overall the deck is aight right now, gets kinda fucked by ABC but you can dedicate side space for them. Obv some massive changes will have to be made once Spyrals drop (Cherries, Drolls, idk) and the deck will still end up unplayable most likely. 

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»victor    6399

I too have given thought to decks that can play Magical Spring recently.


I think Infernoids will be better in this regard because, in addition to the Gamma engine, they can play Fire King Avatar Arvata as well to stop Ash on their Starter Spells.


With Tenki, you literally have a lot of ways to bait or stop Ash on Grass, Left Arm Offering, Reasoning, etc.




That being said, you need to diversify the deck more in order to beat or bait Ash.

Dark Contract with the Gate seems promising because you can search Lamia and even if they negate, you have it around to search next turn, so it's not a minus, and at least 1 for 1 exchange, unlike Ash on Trade In or Desires. And that opens up more plays like Vermillion Dragon Mech to recycle it, Cloudcastle, in addition to the regular Blue Eyes Synchros.


Foolish Burial or Dragon Shrine that bait as 1 for 1, are also cards I'd take another look at. Something like Arkbrave Dragon who can threaten with Banishing (e.g. dump it and Dragon Spirit of White, whose a Normal in grave, to Banish an S/T), especially since the deck has 3 COTH, 3 Back to the Front, 3 Oasis.


Mathematician who can dump GUB or Master or Stones, even if they negate it, still walls for battle.


Keep in mind that Math can dump Time Maiden, who can tutor Metaion to bounce Math to hand for reuse, as well, as the fact that Light of Redemption can recycle both Time Maiden and White Stone of Ancients, so the deck has a grind game.


Time Maiden is another "Ash Bait" that doesn't use your Normal Summon.


^ I think that's the basis of how the deck should be built until we get Link Kuriboh.

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