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Max Suffridge has died

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Conspire    2390

RIP Max :( 


Max changed my opinion on Americans.  He was the first person I heard speak with a southern drawl that was intelligent.  He was a fun, chill dude and I think if we lived close we would have become good friends.


I hope his friends and family can find peace.


This just sucks...

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»InfusionsCap    766

I just heard about this today from a friend of mine, came on here hoping it wasn't true.  Max was a huge inspiration to me when I first started playing the game.  Though I never met him or had the privilege of dueling him, I studied his decks all the time, trying to see what it was he saw all those years ago.  He was a driving force for the community and the game of YGO as a whole.  He will be missed.

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Silver    960

I will dedicate my entire run to him 


a lot of people here must have loved him a lot. Even though I didn't know Max, seeing his impact on all you guys inspires me to get better and strive for more not only as a player, but as a person. 



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Kalish    40

My condolences to Max and his family. Max was definitely a very dominant player in the yugioh world. I always looked up to him for his original - deck tech ideas and choices. He was a pioneer of many great decks. He showcased his skills each and every time. I will always have respect for a player in that caliber. I also want to say that a few years ago I came to the crossing that longtime friend Harry Anderson had passed away. You also were an amazing player and showcased extreme professionalism. You both will be in our hearts forever, as you both made yugioh a lot of fun for us.


I also would like to say that James Naughton and Russell Jensen were a part of the Alpha Omega squad also, and I can only imagine how those guys feel, if they have found out. I hope you guys are well too, and hope everyone else is well too. Have a nice week everyone, and take care.


Michael Kalish / Jinzo_X9 / jinzodude9

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