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To Be Continued....?

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            As soon as the new list dropped I literally hated the game. I didn’t understand why they’d just leave master peace legal and do one of the most obvious second moves to sell an awful underselling set.  I was playing pure draco leading up to the UDS, found out I had an exam that Friday so flight times made it so I couldn’t go (I was overjoyed since I felt the event would be awful). The Night before Corey shows me a ABC Draco deck he’s working on that goes buster mp a decent portion of the time in his hands, in both his and Calvin’s deck I could barely make a buster let alone both.  Jeff wins the event unfortunately Calvin does not, so I’m sure for the event in 2 weeks everyone will be on essentially a carbon copy Jeff Deck. I play vs the deck and learn it’s literally so unfun to both play and play against. They printed every single card to get it’s effect regardless, making strike mediocre to awful and just making their own cards absurd. It really makes you wonder if they had any idea what they were releasing when they spoiled these cards in November ( so I’m guessing they came out in January) did they know in February they were heavily weakening this mechanic.  I play some paleo at a couple locals for fun, resolve that if I play better I’ll beat the Jeff clone players as certain of the paleo cards interact well vs the magician cards, however unfortunately the Jeff Deck has probably one of the most hateful paleo sides ever, and the overlap on draco hate cards line-up vs paleo and the pendulums decks boss monster being tornado dragon, the trap being one of the dumbest random cards to print, and getting denko’d were all factors in my decision to not play it. This left me with giving into the pendulum deck which I certainly was not going to do since It didn’t remind me of anything I enjoyed in the pendulum decks I played, and I would literally get furious everytime a wavering eyes or anti-spell was play vs me. Furman is playing a different version of the awful kozmo deck he played at the uds, honestly this is the only cool deck of the format. The boards aren’t fun but the processes to get there are it felt very powerful and super fun to play. Set Rotation Ship is insane. Throw gofu or instant fusion into the mix to make ancient fairy or infinity and things just gets crazy. Boards I made in this deck were like Infinity, Crystal Wing, a kozmo with a dark destroyer in hand and a set mojo. While the deck struggles with consistency problems when it’s play is summon straw man pass it’s definitely a refreshing deck to at least goldfish. I’m probably going to post some combo videos and a deck profile in honor of the new Star Wars trailer on Card Overflow’s YouTube.  So I resolve to just go back to playing pure draco since I tested a bunch vs magician and it wasn’t super difficult, and the paleo match-up certainly has a huge EV in Draco’s favor. Two nights before, at loss my dear friend Corey tells me that he’s playing draco maining unending. I copy 39 of his main add 2 ( 41 is always correct :P ). Knowing this is probably my last event for quite a while since I don’t think I’m attending an event for the rest of the year and the spyral format doesn’t interest me much if it stays the way it is and I’ll be recluse studying for the LSATs all winter my extra deck is some flashy prize cards, a mixture of my history as a duelist from different decks and then some random cards I grabbed out of my box real fast before rd 1.

            Round 1 Matt Cairoli vs Paleo

            I lose the roll and my opp starts with set 5. He makes a toad eventually and the worst card in my hand is blueboy so I throw that and he takes, when he flips it on his turn and says effect I’m like oh no he got me good. I think my masterpeace get’s warning’d so I concede fast.

G2 I think he concedes like turn 1.

G3. My Masterpeace gets gameciel 4 times ( sky cavalry  and toads) and I summon MP 5 times so that one is clear. Apparently I accidentally sided out return thinking it was unending and frantically searched my deck when using diagram and was concerned I just forgot to play return.




Round 2 Corey Roca

We sit down knowing we are playing the mirror and he offers to just give me the win because earlier in the week I told him I’m probably done soon and all I want is an ARG Ring. I tell him it’s way to early in the tournament for that and I don’t want to be given it.  He wins roll and I only 1 game 1 because of my 2 card difference in our deck :P ( shoutouts to maindeck stormforth). G2 he deflector/ unendings me and that’s game. G3 I fuck-up one turn after duality so I can’t use my return so I only have s/t masterpeace but he has no cards. He draws demise but it only lets him summon his mp and both die. I have a disciple and a draw to my name my draw is knowledge  ( I fucking hate this card) but I draw into majesty off disciple and it attacks for 3 turns to walk the game.




Round 3 Purple Guy from Team War

I wanna say he wins roll and like plays a card so I know it’s draco but like sets 3 pass. This game he resolves 3 demise and at one point I draw one and he makes an angry face. At one point I have a return and m/t mp ( both he knows) to his like 5 cards and it rides because I draw my other mp :P but TBf I had way more outs than that they just weren’t nearly as good.


G2: He summons an ignis and like sets some. I know ignis is the worst draco cards so I know I’m not losing I pop some backrow when I tribute for mp, hit Raigeki. Kill. Next turn he flips his set dark hole I go to pop the last backrow and he’s left on nothing. Think his mis-sided for going first and drew all the cards he didn’t want too.


Round 4 Izzy from Locals  magician

As long as he doesn’t win the roll I’ll be happy since he always draws insane vs me, but even if he does he usually punts so I’ll take that. I showed him my draco zoo list and the combos and we played round 1 of a Philly Regional where he ended with drident no materials twice somehow. Unfortunately it’s impossible to punt when your start is desires int double omega tornado dragon + pendulum trap. So I concede.

G2 I think I draw like 11 cards going first and he concedes like  turn 3 to barrier

G3 He opens 1 omega plus a backrow. My hand is nice it’s like desires, spell, cosmic, spellbook engine, and diagram. I draw majesty and I’m like hmm I think he’s dead. I sp cosmic the backrow, it’s deflector the only scenario I lose this one.  I’m trying to dig for a trap or mp so I go thru my spellbook and desires. Here is what desires took from me, all of my masterpeaces, my other knowledge) and 2 maiden ( at one point  my play is just to keep shuffle my one back). Like several several turns later I finally lose to amazing pendulum when he’s on 4 in deck and my wincon was deckout but I can’t do that vs englightment paladin burning me for a lot.


Round 5 Windwitch Draco

            At this point the no sleep no food is literally making my vision like blurred and my head is killing me. I think my opponent and I missed like a trigger of something each but the match was over in like 7 minutes simply because I drew better.


Round 6

            One of my teammates has expressed to me that my opponent probably owns people so I will not include his name. I win the roll and have double demise. I set go to use it he ash’s so I continue end with maiden with no trap , diagram and a demise in hand. From literally the first moment I knew he would try and tell me I discard off demise. Go to end phase he of course tries. I say no I don’t call a judge. He continues playing obviously just trying to cheat.  There’s no way if you believed I discarded you would just disregard it that fast on just my own word, so he set the tone for how this match would go. He eventually has like 3 monsters on board and poison in scale. He attacks with black fang and uses poison to boost it, I wait for him to trigger poison he selects fang as his target I say ok. So he gets to bring back a joker and then tells me my monster dies I inform him that’s not how the whole damage step/calc works. He calls a judge who literally laughs at him so essentially he lost his board to not kill my majesty. I then like do insane things next turn and kill him. I think I lose g2 to something unfortunate and g3 he has like double cosmic and ash over 3 turns  and claims he drew bad for the matchup. He later comes up to my teammate and says he saw a Glasgow video of how people cheat and is like yea I think everyone is cheating, when he just tried to literally cheat me twice I was dying.



Round 7 Donovan from locals

Lose roll get double omega’d + trap + cyclone standard. It’s this round I fully realize how garbage my deck is vs every single pendulum card.



Round 8 Arnold Nadaban

I wish I could say this was a good match g1 I for sure threw trying to play around something which was nonexistent and then walked into something else where if I held diagram I win. The match was literally I had 2 unending twice and he had only 1 cosmic



I get 12th I play my teammate in top 16.I know I probably have like less than 5% to win


Top 16 Steve Gleason

I open pretty well he only has dweller and what I assume is the set trap or cosmic. I clear board minus sorc so he can’t pendulum it out next turn. He doesn’t use the trap at any point on my turn before I go to resolve demise to make it so I can’t search mp. He end phases hits my set second demise so I have Majesty, apoc, return, unending, in his mainphase I decide to like bumrush masterpeace for some reason to play around the trap or tornado on my unending instead of getting second masterpeace I’m like not sure how I even did this like if I just forgot to use my majesty or something. Needless to say I flip unending he drew cosmic for turn I lose. G2 I draw double masterpeace put one of double spell he doesn’t last long.  I think I just forgot to play yugioh at some point. It was probably for the best in the unfortunate case I won this round I certainly couldn’t win out the rest of the tournament, I could have beaten calvin in top 8 but would have gotten destroyed beyond that and at least Steve won the event which is cool.


We lose the team war to sheer improbability on my part and lack of Steve doing math. We asked to run it back at a future event and they declined, citing “ we knew you were better”.

My deck absolutely sucked. I said before ABC at ARG charlotte was the worst deck I ever entered with and it might still be since I made buster maybe twice in 8 rounds that tournament but omg this deck was terrible. It was literally unending + some other cards. I couldn’t believe how bad masterpeace became there was just so many outs to him.  Someone messaged me after the event and asked if I liked it and I said they could just play unending nightmare in anything else and probably do better.


After the tournament we grouproll on where to eat. Calvin and Nishaad are very for Rainforest Café ( codenamed RFC) and Ryan and Albanese are very against and everyone else is indifferent. I’m down just for the meme. Steve wins the roll after tieing 10 to then roll 11 ( when it’s your day it’s your day, he later didn’t gamble at the casino just because he felt all the luck was used up). At RFC when the thunderstorm happens we joke about how since we are paying a premium on food that’s where it’s going. “ that was a $5 thunderstorm” “ that shooting star was 75 cents” “ those monkey noises were 1.99”. I only wanted one thing the volcano desert because I was promised it was good. I hear the price of 16.99 and I hope it like cures my ailments, it actually did the opposite. The ask if we want a picture with cha cha the terrifying dressed up frog. I said someone should  use their phone to take a pic because they will definitely charge us. We don’t.  Cha Cha gropes me. They then ask if we would like to spend $10 for a 4x6  we walk out.  


            I usually don’t post tournament by tournament reports but unless the Spyral deck is somehow just actually fun or the November format causes something fun to actually happening I don’t think I’ll be playing again until like February at the earliest, unless there’s just some event like ridiculously close.

Sorry if this report was boring, bitchy or anything I really disliked ygo but the event was 30 minutes away. Not a single game of yugioh felt fun it was literally all work or just the worst kinds of yugioh.

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