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Intel releases retail 3DXPOINT SSD, successor to Nand Flash

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We can attest to the fact that Optane will deliver performance and responsiveness that can be easily "felt" by the average user. We believe that once you feel the power of Optane, it will be hard to settle for anything less.   You will pay roughly 4X more per gigabyte of storage for Optane, but you will get up to 4X the performance and 10X the endurance available from consumer flash-based SSDs. As enthusiasts we want the best performance that we can afford. We feel that the 900P is priced well within reason for the game changing system performance delivered.


Intel went released the successor to NAND flash memory and it's got 5x the speed of *current best NAND Flash* and prices that make it semi affordable. 


 Potentially a new OS drive for anyone with a wallet to wave around, this should be a real world increase in boot speeds because it is in fact that fast.

389 USD for 280 GB 599 USD for 480 GB.


Anyway this is a seminal shift in computing because now every PC is probably going to have three types of hard disk drive if you can afford it, these things are going to give you hella boot times

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Technology expected to hit reasonable price point in 2024

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