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Monster Effect Negation and other Thoughts

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»victor    6400

One of the trends that people should consider, is the emergence of "Normal Summon" monsters that let you play through Hand Traps and established fields.


Case in point, in CIBR, we got:




I'm not sure if you guys realize this, but both these cards counter Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, on your key Spells. So beyond the Gamma engine, you have a Normal Summon engine to make sure you plays go through.


The Fire King Avatar is searchable via Tenki so it forces them to Ash Tenki, or you bring it out, letting you activate your Spells.


Amano-Iwato is strong as well, as you can destroy it with Metalfoes, or Rank 4 with it, after your plays go through.


That brings me to Gendo:




I'm surprised more people aren't playing it, as you can Spellbook of Knowledge it, nowadays.




On the note of Evenly Matched, in decks like Infernoids and Invoked, I've found that, like Evenly Matched, :




This can give you a second wind, especially for the sort of decks that treat the grave like a second hand.


If you opponent can gain huge advantage with Machine Duplication and Master Plan, you need stuff like this compete.




There's also an interesting aspect to consider with:




Since we're in a Tier 0 format, and we have 3 Master Peace still, Cloak and Dagger and Prohibition have a lot more value TCG side.




If you'll notice, the best decks versus SPYRAL are the ones who can go all out and stop Special Summoning like Darklords with Vanity's Fiend, or stuff like Infernoids or Invoked or Pendulum Magicians who can play with a second hand, from grave, or the Pendulum Zone. 


Most other decks aren't going to cut it.


That brings me to:




Dragon's Bind is the closest thing to Vanity's Emptiness we have left, and Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon lets you bring out OEPD for it, more consistently.


In many cases, they can't even Kaiju since Gameciel is weaker than 2500 ATK.


If you're not playing SPYRAL, these are the avenues to consider, to beat them.



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Brandis72    32

I saw Arvata in an Infernoid deck once - card is actually quite good there as the deck isn't normal summon reliant and doesn't mind pitching cards.

Some good finds in here; thanks! It's a shame none of these will really see play in meta decks though, with the existence of evenly matched and the amount of combo pieces and handtraps most decks need to run to function.

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