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Stomach The MachoPony

Macho goes to the Regional Qualifier

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So i went to regional qualifier today did much better than i really thought i would, here i am going in hypothetically against Spyrals, True Draco and everything else wit a deck thats less rogue meta and more just rogue. Fire King was my deck of choice and i dont regret it, in talks over the last couple of weeks i came up with a build that worked in testing and in practice worked just as well, the idea being to Slow down the enemy as much as possible rather than speed up my own deck since even at max speed i couldnt compete with Spyral and the like.


the build i ended up with using what i had was this






2x Garunix: 3 was i felt unnessecary since 2 is all you need for the loop which rarely gets off anyway due to people playing around it so often


2x Circle + Onslaught: i actually had 3 of each but lost one each, however 2 onslaught was more than enough and i'm considering taking out the Circles since they never helped all day


Weird Extra Deck: it was just what i had i didn't have everything i needed but it worked for what it needed to do


Crow/Veiler: this was due to lack of expensive ass cards like Ash Blossom and Snow Ogre they worked well though


so i got there, grabbed a sandwich and chocolate, paid entry and bought a set of the new Structure Deck and sat down to eat, 10min later roud 1 gets called. 


R1: Vendread

so the guy is down from Belfast with some friends, hasnt played much in recent months, last deck was noble knights which he allegedly played for the past 2 years. he didnt know much about the deck or its combos.

Game 1 i drew the right cards at the right time to counter his combos. ultimately i won fairly easily

Game 2 repeat game 1, just kept beating him down, also drew Mistake early to stop him searching which was the final nail in the coffin


R2: Paleozoic

This was annoyng, i drew barely anything useable all game and he went through 29 cards without a single monster. he kept poking with his little paleos cuz i couldt do anything to stop him

G2 i put up a good fight but he kept getting rid of my monsters he was down to 300 a few turns in thanks to an early imperial order but he came back from 300/8000 to winning because i just could not finish him. go for cowboy, banished. go for castel, banished. go for Ccaryahua, he pops field spell which destroys Ccaryahua. tried to use Ccaryahua earlier with island destroying effect and he striked it, he just had everything to stop me smashing that last piece of damage and he won 2-0


R3: Lightsworn

G1 was difficult he got some big combos quickly and overhwlemed me

G2 got some early traps, didnt help much though he still overwhelmed me though it was a much closer game



R4: Pendulum Magician

G1 after a really tough battle i powered through all his monsters and he ended up with like 8 cards left in his deck after a buttload of searching and a pot of desires, i won eventually

G2 was close too, time got called halfway through and we played a couple more turns where he eventually won tying it up, leaving it a draw





G1 he got an early buster out and overwhelmed me not much i could do

G2 i went first, got some good traps early and was prepared for anything he could do, shame he drew shit and i didnt get a chance to use any of it before i won

G3 he didnt do much turn 1 so i was able to lay my traps and wait, countered 2 buster summons and slowly chunked him down




R6: Trickstar

Best game of the day against the first lady of Team New Tier

G1 i took a lot of early damage and even brought myself down to dangerously low LP with a solemn strike, but in the end i won somehow by beating through her monsters and keeping my traps set

G2 was really close, i used my traps well but she ultimately won the game after a lot of burn

G3 was even closer, but after a good long while time was called, we played the last couple of turns and she won a tight game. shook her hand after it was a phenomenal game




ended up not topping obviously, there's another chance for me in feb though tbh if i did qualify idk how i would get to them, or how i would do on a regional level so idk if i even want to top one of these but it was a good event anyway.


Pros: got a game win against one of the best players there

did much better than last time


Cons: still lost 3 games, though they were extremely tight


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