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On 12/20/2017 at 10:52 AM, Stomach The MachoPony said:

so with Bonz bringing Ghostrick Witch, Stein and Vanish. is there any viability in them yet?


i mean the one card that could skyrocket them would be Mansion but i'm not sure how fair that would be rn. the biggest weakness i see is that you have no Main Phase 2, so you cant attack then flip them back down for protection via vanish/feint plan


but they could be fun to try. 

They look like a fun Youtube troll deck to try.

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the most popular variant seems to be the mill deck using floodgates + yuki onna to stun the opponent's field (or lol astral + spirit barriers) and reaper to mill 3 per turn, plus its a face-down banishment which is pretty brutal, the problem is unlike traditional mill which can re-summon (or re-use) warm worm for several doses of mill in a single turn, you're restricted to 3 per turn.

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