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Beginner friendly deck: Vanilla Control

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mark    3105

2nd Vorse Raider should be added over the 2nd Painful Decision


All cards are from 1 small box ( 1 reset required ) 


E-Con, Metalmorph are from mokuba bingo, ranked reward tickets and levelling Keith 


Curse and Windstorm are from levelling Odion and Mai 


Doesnt require farming 


Possible changes:


skill: Fields of the Warriors


Don’t bother with getting: 


Mirror Wall


Order to Charge 


If you want to improve the deck, you could consider going for 2x Sergeant Electro (small set). Alternatively, you could also go for 3rd Disruption, 3rd Chalice and 3rd Vorse Raider by resetting the box a 2nd time. 


The pro of going for this deck is that it’s extemely easy to build (all cards are in the same 80-pack set), and that Chalice / Disruption are staples in many decks, so you get a lot of value for your gems here. I didnt even try to make this deck, but I can make it (outside of 2nd Vorse raider) simply because I wanted Chalice and Disruption as generic staples for multiple decks! 


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+Gojira    1708

Definitely a great starter deck for getting to legend/KoG. Didn't realize how much was in that pack.

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