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Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia Aftergame

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Scum MVP: Solstice for portraying a consistent townie perspective as scum, bussing Broken Brillance to perfection, and nking the right people including picking off the Tracker Confuse rei on N1. 

Scum LVP: Broken Brillance you bumbled your way right into getting lynched.


Town MVP: Sophocles for straight up saying that between Walia and Solstice that Sol was scum and then dying in the night for it

Town HM: Confuse rei for being on top of things and scanning Wunter to clear him which would have been a big deal if you hadn't been nk'd

Town LVP: rei and Silver for not making Quota


Scum chat:  https://discord.gg/r3FhXPG



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Solstice    390

And I’ve now been scum 3 times in a row.  Sucks to win via modkills, but with the holidays I guess it’s to be expected.  Maf specs was disappointingly dead.  Anyway here’s my feedback for the game:


rei: I got the feeling with your second post that you were onto me.  Spent most of day one agonizing over if I should make you the NK or wait till day 2 to play around doc/jailkeeper.  Thankfully you got modkilled so I didn’t have to worry about it.  Wish you had made quota though, that really hurt your team.

Silver: What posts you did have weren’t awful, but you really shouldn’t sign up if you can commit to the game.  I know it was probably harder than normal with it overlapping the holidays and all, but as much as I hate “1, 2, 3, quota” it’s still better than a modkill.  Kind of sucks to win that way.  

Death: You timed your bulletproof claim good despite what the others said, but I think you might have actually been better off claiming doc.  I know town would have given you heat because “now you’ll just die” but you could also truthfully say you don’t want scum to be able to cc you in lylo.  I would have then tried to kill you and failed due to you actually being bulletproof, so the final day would have instead been mylo with me/soph/walia and you as confirmed town.  More people to help catch stuff you might have missed.  

Walia: I honestly think this was one of your worse town games that I’ve seen.  You were really floaty and didn’t take a stand on much of anything, much less try to solve the game up until the final day.  Even as town I likely would have voted you in lylo.  Town needs to know where you stand on things, being wishy-washy or non committal is generally considered a scumtell.  

Wunter: I think you did worse than normal too, you mixed up bb and death, and ignored your correct read on me in favor of walia.  If you had explained your reasoning more I think you would have portrayed town a lot better, but congrats on spotting me regardless.  You’re a lot better player than you get credit for.  

Soph: Good job catching me at the end.  You were a bit spammy with your posts (several were just fluff) but otherwise I think you played very well.  I debated intentionally NKing the bulletproof to leave all 4 of us alive for mylo, but wasn’t sure if I could convince you of my innocence, so I went the safe route.  

Broken: Not reading the thread is bad.  Signing up when you don’t have the time is bad.  And 1, 2, 3, quota is really bad.  At least you were ok with me bussing you; fortunately it worked out because of the modkills.  If they hadn’t happened it probably would have been a guaranteed loss for me though.  

Confuse ray: I have no idea how you managed to see through that bus so quickly, but congrats for it as it’s what ultimately made me kill you as I was sure you’d bring it up again and I couldn’t have that. You were clear town MVP for me.  Just out of curiosity, who did you decide to track?  


I hope everyone had fun, and had a safe and happy holiday weekend.  Hopefully next time I roll town, I'm starting to forget what my town game even is.

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BuildTheWalia    252

Yeah, Thanksgiving weekend wasn't the best time to do a mafia game for me after all.

ggs Solstice, hopefully next time we can be the same alignment, whatever that is.

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man I hate being in those situations, fuck you guys for getting modkilled or being impossible to read ugh.

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