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Moderator Drive - May 2018

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+Paraliel+    8032

Hello everyone! We are currently taking applications for Ancient Moderator status! If you are interested, please PM me your answers to the following questionnaire (do not post your answers in this thread). Realize that there are not really any wrong answers here. I'm more likely to hire someone that's being honest about their abilities than someone who's going overboard by trying to make themselves seem like the greatest thing ever. I will respond to your PM to let you know whether or not I am considering you for the position within a week of receiving it. This isn't a competition, and there is no limit on the number of people that I will consider hiring. If I believe that you're someone that we need on the team, you're in.


Staff Application Questionaire
1. On what date did you join DuelistGroundz.com? As of now, what is your post count? (If less than 1 year/500 posts, explain why we should hire you despite your lack of history.)
2. Have you previously been on staff? If so, what happened?
3. Why do you want to become a mod?
4. Which forums/subforums do you most frequently post in? Be specific (don't just say "yugioh"). In any of these forums, do you find yourself taking a leadership role in terms of guiding or organizing discussions? If so, explain.
5. Which of the following describes your current relationship with Yugioh (choose one):
a) I've never played
b) I used to play, but I quit and never intend to play again
c) I have quit, but I intend to start playing again
d) I play on some level, but the time that I have to dedicate to the game is more limited compared to most people
e) I actively try to play as much as I can
f) Other (explain in your own words)
6. To what extent do you have the ability to bring new active members to DuelistGroundz? Explain.


Also, don't PM me any troll applications. No, "Haha my name is Donald Trump and I'm going to make duelistgroundz great again by building a wall around pojo." I'm going to have a lot of PMs to read, and if you do this, you are wasting my time, and I will probably suspend you.

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Mickey    7

I know I'm not a good person to be a mod But Cameron Is an amazing mod I recommend him to anyone. He's been a mod for other discords and he's just cool

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+scuzzlebutt    23495
On 12/2/2017 at 5:21 PM, confuse ray said:

I won't sexually harass people

but you will ragequit the site when someone plays you with a yugioh deck you dont like

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