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»JC.    4973

i love and respect all of you

vote jc


for kotf

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Solstice    389

Sorry guys, just got home from work.




Final votecount


JC (4) : Jazz, Tyranno, Faint, Wunter


Not voting: JC, PSK


Stumped and unable to vote: Walia, Soph

JC was lynched he was: 


You hate nature, and trees, and things that are green. The sight of the forest outside of your home fills you with disgust. In fact, if the whole thing went up in smoke and flames you wouldn't be bothered one bit. Actually....that kind of sounds like a good idea...


You are an Arsonist, along with your partner Malcolm. You may post in the thread and vote as you see fit. Your additional abilities are listed below.


Factional Communication: During the night phase you may talk with your partner here: 
Factional Pyrotechnics: Each night phase either you or your partner may take one and only one of the the following actions:
Prime a target for ignition by dousing them with gasoline.
Ignite all previously primed targets by lighting them on fire and thus killing them.

Win Condition
You win when only Arsonist aligned players are left alive, or nothing can prevent this from occurring.




Aftergame thread will be up shortly.  

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