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The Mistress of the Magician - Inky's Dark Magician

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Inkweaver    4




[3] Dark Magician (the star of the show)

[3] Magician of Dark Illusion

[3] Apprentice Illusion Magician (DMG 2.0)

[3] Magician's Rod (...nope, keeping it mature)

[2] Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring (not by choice)

[1] Magician's Robe (personal choice)

[1] Spellbook Magician of Prophecy (Some like more, I prefer just the 1)



[2] The Eye of Timaeus (The best way to get out Amulet or Dragon Knight, imho)

[1] Dark Magic Attack (Used to be 2 but it's losing it's usefulness these days)

[1] Raigeki (because)

[2] Spellbook of Knowledge

[1] Spellbook of Secrets (I like this number for them, though I'm considering a 2nd Secrets)

[1] Dark Magic Expanded (Solely for trying it out right now. It's shown some promise in testing)

[2] Cosmic Cyclone (MST 2.0)

[1] Dark Magic Inheritance 

[1] Illusion Magic (I hate the cost, but it's also so very handy for making plays and dodging removal)

[3] Dark Magic Circle (Never play less)



[3] Magician Navigation

[2] Dimension Barrier (Still handy)

[3] Eternal Soul (Absolutely needed)

[1] Solemn Warning


Extra Deck

[1] Amulet Dragon

[1] Dark Magician the Dragon Knight (Angelic choir)

[1] Dark Paladin (tech choice)

[1] Armades (only cause I can make it)

[1] Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon

[1] Number 11: Big Eye

[2] Ebon Illusion Magician

[1] Ebon High Magician

[1] Super Quantal Mech Beast Grampulse

[1] Shining Elf

[1] Firewall Dragon

[1] Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow

[1] Decode Talker

[1] Akashic Magician



Mostly ignore I guess. I've changed it around too much


You're welcome to make suggestions, but please note this is more of a showcasing than a request for help.

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