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Former YGO Champ Represents USA

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»Audioslayne    909

Many of you probably remember a few years back where magic player Korey McDuffie came into US Nationals and both qualified and won with a deck he was mostly unfamiliar with.


While this isn't quite as dramatic as that (Oliver has been slowly rising in the MTG community) something fairly similar happened a few weeks ago.  Dragon Duel World Champion Oliver Tomajko recently became Magic's National Champion and as such had the opportunity to compete alongside America's leading pro Reid Duke, and Nationals runner up/Platinum Pro Gerry Thompson as team USA in the World Magic Cup.




They performed relatively well losing a win and in for top 8 on day 2.  More importantly however they basically did the entire tournament in a bandit keith cosplay:





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Samwise    55

I remember him topping a YCS in March 2012 format as like a 12 year old and reading the flavour text of the vanilla dinos in his deck profiles.

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