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[Goat] Damage Step

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+mmf    23460



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Official Roster

零 青 白 朱 亥 南 玉 北 三


»»discord: @MMF#5072
»»duelingbook: madeline are you watching
DSP Autumn 2017 Champion
DSP Winter 2018 Champion

Broke Morphing Jar's Elo record

»»discord: @Soul#3989
»»duelingbook: Soul

#1 Draft Pick - Summer 2017
3rd Place Alpha Omega Memorial
3rd Place DSP Autumn 2017

»»discord: @Mascis#6696
»»duelingbook: Mascis
Alpha Omega Memorial Champion
2nd Place GCT 2014

4th Place DSP Winter 2018


»»discord: @Cameron#8090
»»duelingbook: Cameron Saunders
1st Place DB Live 22

»»discord: @TristanP#1291
»»duelingbook: Tristan
1st Place DB Live 75
3rd Place DGz Lives 212 + 215


Chevalier de Fromage
»»discord: @Me.5702
»»duelingbook: Chevalier de Fromage

2nd Place DCS Dallas

5th Place Platinum Finish - Autumn 2017


»»discord: InsiDS#3154
»»duelingbook: InsiDS
1st Place Reddit (r/yugioh) 2015
10th Place FLC 2

»»discord: @HyperBeam#8462
»»duelingbook: HyperBeam
2nd Place DSP Autumn 2017
Top 8 FLC 1 (3rd after Swiss)

Day 2 FLC 2 (7th after Swiss)



Hall of Fame

Retired/Benched Players


Morphing Jar

The Based Loli







War Record



L vs EVIL (0-1) [Regular]

W vs EVIL (1-1) [Exhibition]

W vs REK (2-1) [Regular] 

L vs TST (2-2) [Regular]

W vs FuZe (3-2) [Regular]

W vs WfM (4-2) [Exhibition]

W vs WfM (5-2) [Regular]

W vs 4H (6-2) [Exhibition]

W vs FL (7-2) [Exhibition]

L vs 4H (7-3) [Regular]



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@mmf 6 heart double elimination Exhibition Goat war? We're still doing those right?

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Mascis    4477

Can we delete all the bad posts itt

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