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War League Winter 2018 - Starting 1/1/2018

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+scuzzlebutt    23495

As usual, you can start a team at any time by posting your roster of 6 or more in this thread:


We are doing away with ToC aka Team Playoffs, because quite frankly they were a trainwreck this past season. From here on out, there will be two playoff events per season: current advanced format and goat format, and they will all be individual bracket events. Read the edits to this thread for more information:


The Winter 2018 season will officially begin on January 1st, 2018 and the postseason events will begin on March 25, 2018. In addition to regular War League events, the Duelistgroundz Championship Series will be returning. The full schedule for Winter 2018 events can be found below:



January 1: War League Winter 2018 Begins
January 13-14: DGz Championship Series: Juneau (Goat)
February 10-11: DGz Championship Series: New York City (Current)
March 25-31: DGz Seasonal Playoffs (Winter 2018)
April 1: War League Spring 2018 Begins




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+scuzzlebutt    23495

Brief addendum:

Signups will be locked after 1/1/2018. More announcements to come. Please register your team as soon as possible if you plan on running one for the Winter 2018 season.


Teams who have registered by tomorrow will be entered into the 3v3 round robin. The rest of the season will proceed as normal; teams may continue to sign up as they please and begin playing exhibition wars/grinding for rating as soon as possible.


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