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Best portable games PSP/Vita/3DS

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Aaron    2041

Hey guys, what are your favorite PSP/Vita/3DS/Ps2 games which you feel are must plays? 


I have a hacked Vita and hacked 3DS and want to pick up a new title. 

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Bazoo    5700

There are many obvious ones but here are a few that a little more obscure


Code of Princess (3DS), a beat em up

Dragon's Crown (Vita), one of the best beat em ups


Retro Game Challenge (NDS), hard to explain just play it


Freedom Wars (Vita)

Toukiden/Toukiden 2 (Vita)


There are tons of great dungeon RPGs on Vita if you can get into them. Stranger of Sword City, Demon Gaze, and Dungeon Travellers 2 are great.


999 and Virtue's Last Reward--okay these are pretty popular. There are two more games in the series now I haven't played.


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