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Goat Controller Tournament History

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The Goat Controller Tournament series began with a simple question: who on Duelistgroundz.com can control the most goats? We set out to determine who was, in fact, the greatest controller of goats. Once a year, a tournament was held with a simple, innocuous prize: a forum usergroup named "Goat Controller." Epic battles over this usergroup ensued that would end up defining the Goat Format metagame in the early pre-War League Revival era.


Goat Controller Tournaments


GCT 2014

GCT 2013
Champion: Model

GCT 2012
Champion: Matt Bishop



Goat Controller Tournament Top Players


Players with 2 Tops

Sidereal (2012, 2013)


Players with 1 Top
Alius (2014)
Animal (2012)
bherrell2 (2012)
biki (2014)
DarthChocoboz (2014)
Gaia (2014)

Hwan (2013)
Jazz (2014)
jono19942010 (2013)
L2theZ (2012)
Lauren (2012)
Mascis (2014)
Matt Bishop (2012)
Model (2013)
Philtor210 (2014)
rei (2012)
Sharpman (2012)
Shining Blue-eyes (2013)

tsgreen (2013)

Urthor (2013)
williamstm1 (2012)


While some Goat Controller Tournament events cut to top 16, only top 8 competitors are considered for this list. This is consistent with the scoring system used on GoatRank.

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