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DGz Live #210: Troop Dupe (SJC Detroit 2007)

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NB96    860

Dear all,

I haven't held a Live for a while but I am going to try to do another on Saturday, 30th December 2017 (I had wanted to do one this Saturday but it might be a little too close to Christmas day, so I think this is the next best choice).

I intend to host a March 2007 post Emergency-list format, also known as Troop Dupe format. I have wanted to do this for a while and since the War season doesn't start again until the new year I think this may be as good a time as any. Please note that if I fail to reach an absolute minimum of four competitors at the start time of the the tournament I will just cancel the tournament altogether.

The tournament will be held at the following time on Saturday 30th December, 2017:

19:00 GMT
20:00 CET
11:00 Pacific
12:00 Mountain
13:00 Central
14:00 Eastern

The tournament will be held using a Double Elimination bracket.

Matches may be held on DuelingBook or LackeyDGz. Dueling Book will be the default program due to its accessibility. If both players agree, their match may be held on LackeyDGz instead. However, if there is a disagreement regarding which program should be used for the match, the default choice should be https://www.duelingbook.com/. There will be no round timers, but players are asked to play at a reasonable pace.


If a player disconnects during a match on DuelingBook, please work together using each other's replays to recreate the gamestate. Disconnects on LackeyDGz are not treated as game losses either as a player may rejoin using save states.

Decklists should be sent to me and you will be unable to change your decklist once the tournament has begun. Those decklists will also be posted here afterward the tournament is over. I would also like to request that players send me the link to their replays via Discord so that I can record them and upload to YouTube. Thanks to the replay feature on Dueling Book this will hopefully become a really neat way to archive the tournament.

In the event of a ruling dispute, please contact a member of the DGz War Council on our Discord server:

DGz Username/Discord Username:
Satchmo/Number 1 School Bishoujo Risa

Card legality is the same as SJC Detroit 2007 (July 14-15). This means Tactical Evolution (TAEV) is not legal for play, while Green Baboon, Defender Of The Forest is considered legal.
- Green Baboon, Defender Of The Forest's effect may be triggered during the Damage Step.
- Prize cards that were not previously mass released are not considered legal (this is most relevant for Crush Card Virus).
- Ignition effect priority still existed at this time.
- Please try not to forget to draw your sixth card when going first, and please remind your opponent if they forget to draw their sixth card.
- The bracket for the tournament can be found here.
- For more information, please visit:


If you would like to register your interest interest in this tournament please say so below and include your Discord username for the DuelistGroundz Discord server.


I. Forbidden Cards
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of The Beginning
Breaker The Magical Warrior
Butterfly Dagger - Elma
Change of Heart
Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of The End
Chaos Sorcerer
Cyber Jar
Dark Hole
Delinquent Duo
Exchange of The Spirit
Fiber Jar
Graceful Charity
Harpie's Feather Duster
Imperial Order
Last Turn
Last Will
Magical Scientist
Magician of Faith
Makyura The Destructor
Mirage of Nightmare
Monster Reborn
Painful Choice
Pot of Greed
Sinister Serpent
The Forceful Sentry
Thousand-eyes Restrict
Time Seal
Tribe-infecting Virus
Victory Dragon
Witch of The Black Forest

New! - Breaker The Magical Warrior, Graceful Charity, Last Will, Magician of Faith, Victory Dragon

II. Limited Cards
Book of Moon
Call of The Haunted
Card Destruction
Chain Strike
Crush Card Virus (banned for this particular tournament)
D. D. Warrior Lady
Dark Magician Of Chaos
Dimension Fusion
Elemental Hero Stratos
Exodia The Forbidden One
Future Fusion
Giant Trunade
Gravity Bind
Heavy Storm
Left Arm of The Forbidden One
Left Leg of The Forbidden One
Level Limit - Area B
Limiter Removal
Mage Power
Magic Cylinder
Mind Crush
Mirror Force
Morphing Jar
Mystical Space Typhoon
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
Night Assailant
Nobleman Of Crossout
Overload Fusion
Pot of Avarice
Premature Burial
Protector of The Sanctuary
Right Arm of The Forbidden One
Right Leg of The Forbidden One
Ring of Destruction
Snatch Steal
Spirit Reaper
Swords of Revealing Light
Torrential Tribute
Treeborn Frog
Twin-Headed Behemoth
Ultimate Offering
United We Stand

New! - Chain Strike, Crush Card Virus, Dimension Fuison, Elemental Hero Stratos, Giant Trunade, Mind Crush, Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, Overload Fusion, Snatch Steal

III. Semi-limited Cards
Apprentice Magician
Creature Swap
D. D. Assailant
Deck Devastation Virus
Good Goblin Housekeeping
Manticore of Darkness
Mask of Darkness
Reckless Greed
Reinforcement of The Army
Wall of Revealing Light

New! - D. D. Assailant, Mask of Darkness, Metamorphosis

New! - The Following Cards Are No Longer Limited: Exiled Force, Injection Fairy Lily, Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys, Upstart Goblin

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NB96    860

I'll keep trying to advertise, if we can only get one more player I'll perhaps enter myself and play, and just have the decklists and replays be sent to me after the tournament instead.

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NB96    860

Apologies, I've just seen that there was another amendment to the ban list on June 1st 2007 where Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest and Magical Stone Excavation were both limited. I'll remind everybody before we begin.

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Good luck to everyone!

This is one of the most skill intensive format out there.

It is my prediction that @ShiningBlueEyes will easily win. That is especially true because I cannot play today.

Sorry that I can't show off my skills today, but the family is in town!

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