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Advice you would tell yourself rom 10 years ago

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Aaron    1989

Hey, thought it'd be cool to write a list of shit we'd advise to ppl 10 years our junior or ourselves 10 years ago


1. Drink alcohol in moderation and sparingly ; i get it, we're at university/college and want to party but alcohol is very counterproductive to everything and learning to party without getting smashed is great for your health, ability to take opportunities, develop social skills and ur bigger goals studying/fitness/activities during the day 


Understand sacrificing alcohol and partying now will allow you in 3-5 years time to go to Vegas/Ibiza ripped, hench and rich with great skin. Infinitely better time and 10x more oppurtunity and quality. 


2. Know your goals in what you want to attain in the next year and 5 years and work towards them


3. Always wake up early, if you wake up at 6AM you can get most of your jobs done by 12PM and have the rest of the day to do wtf you want


4. Keep an eye on stocks and investments. Maybe 10 hours of research a month and risk money you can on ventures and let the investments sit


5. Buy stuff which will last and not drop its value so fast, e.g. camera lenses, as opposed to shitty disposable clothing


6. Don't take girls for granted in uni/college, they might seem a bit dumb and annoying but they're smarter than 95% of people you will meet in your working life afterwards 


7. Prioritise fitness + health  - bulk bulk bulk until age 21-23, only cut to get to 15% bodyfat, don't let alcohol get in the way of your goals, train smart + avoid injury 


8. Grow your hair ; take a year and grow your hair and see what it looks like, if it suits you, you will look better than 99% of people and it'll help you stand out A LOT and is a lot more versatile than any shitty buzz cut. Muscle + long hair = epic, good looking + long hair = epic. Maybe if you look like ur meant to be in a video game store, then get it cut. 


9. Don't invest too much or any time in religous societies.. shits a waste of time. Instead do some society shit which will help u long term aka dancing, salsa etc.


10. Learn another language


11. Play the BEST video games/films etc. whilst u have the time


12. Travel when you can at any oppurtunity 



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Bazoo    5691

Mirror 100% on #9, 10, & 11. Great advice. 


I'm coming from a perspective that I am pretty darn happy with my job, I'm married, and overall very content with my place in life. That being said, in college, I would have:


1. Met and mainted contact with a few extra people--possibly in an attempt to have more lifetime friendships.

2. Learned more proficient conversational Spanish and\or Chinese. Even had a roommate that majored in Spanish, don't know what I was thinking.

3. Learned to cook more solid recipes. I learned some but should have developed myself on common cooking etiquette more

4. Learned Python

5. For god's sake buy that boxed Chrono Trigger for $40 wtf is wrong with you


Just after graduation and in my first year in a job, I would have told myself:


6. As a teacher, act confident from Day 1. Set up everything students do in your room, structure their time, DO NOT allow even the smallest stupid shit to happen, kick their asses if they act immature. Realize that the kids in the area can reach great heights and have amazing potential, but they make poor decisions constantly if allowed, so you need to both show aggression and show them you care at the same time. 

7. Refrain with all your might from eating out when it isn't necessary, buy more groceries to prevent the temptation, and convince your wife+family members how much money we could save if we did not go out to eat. Seriously, I don't ever want to look at my wife and my bank statements from the first two years of work. I would cringe hardcore. There are no reasons to have money problems if I spend wisely.


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+rei+    34443

Don't buy three new cars in the span of five years

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