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God Beasts

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Weevil    19


Glad Beasts again. Prolly trash but some pretty effective combos. Really tough to run, but if you don't misplay ever you can def win lol.



Three Andal to feed rescue rabbits. Ayers Moon Rock is a recycle for Test Tigers/Rescue Cats/Rescue Rabbits/Samnite. One Laquari, as he can be easily recycled with Darius/Equeste. Bestiari has field use so thats at two. Rescue Cat is a good move with Test Tiger/Ayers Rock, or a monster Banished, however can be cloggy, and would prefer to draw Rabbit. Rescue Cat can tutor the GB Link which can by itself create a field of 2 Fusions/1 Link. 3 Respite because Andal, and Augustal cant be in hand, and double summon to get the monsters off. Book of moon is gimmicky might change. 


Few important combos here. Ayers rock with Rescue Cat = Link, X Saber XYZ and Darius, with Tiger in hand, and Besti in grave, thats Gyazarus. The GB link negates opps effects during battle, so with darius and augustal or augustal and noxius +other gb in hand. You can go Dragacius, Tamer Editor, Heraklinos, to lock their spells and traps. 



Can beatstick opponents into submission and lock down with recycling monsters to destroy field, and tag in  new monsters.



Needs more lock down power, can be easily overcome.


Ive been playing GBs for years, still trying to make them work this is where I'm at currently.

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Intriguing I commend you for trying to play this archetype in this day and age. I'm gonna do some research and see what I can do as far as providing helpful input.  

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