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[Goat] FuZe Gang

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thugalicious    12

FuZe Gang

Sponsored by Harverd Universte and Alfred Eibstiem









                             - Dueling Nexus' True King of Games




                          Serl of the three/Serlthree#8867

                             -Disciple of Yu-Gi-NoNo





                             -Make you're dad suck the big bottle : - )



                             -Play Burning Abysse bezt Decke                        



                            -Shouldering a pair of machine guns, this monster is unstoppable.           










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About time lol. Love how you made a dupe thread. I took care of it though. 

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Digbick    7269

Ay, where my FuZe gang at? Just out here enjoying life on the DuelistGroundz discord server and wondered if any of my friends were online from FuZe. Looking to enjoy some cool and funny memes from my fellow members from FuZe. I also wanted to know if anyone whi is not from FuZe wants to join our very own Discord server. It’s pretty funny and awesome, we enjoy sharing funny images and long “wall of texts”. For the wild users who are out here on Discord we have a Not Safe For Work channel were users share interesting images of women’s physique. It can be a real, human girl or a girl from your favourite anime! There aren’t any rules in our Discord server, but once you join, it is required you add a (FuZe) tag to your username. Once Discord registers that you are in or server, there is no turning back. We are a unique clan. Once you witness what happens behind-the-scenes there is no turning back. You have been baptised in the holy chatroom of FuZe. Pretty cool, right? On that note, just wondering if anyone who is apart from that FuZe clan is online right now. The moderators and administrators on DuelistGroundz are relaxing and it is our duty to put them to work and make them take moderator actions on us. Anytime we assemble and share cool images and funny jokes, the moderators get angry and remove us from the DualingGround community. This is an awful shame as we love the DuelingGroundz users very much. One day, we will become administrators on that Discord server and make that place “FuZe DGz”, if you pardon the pun! So, how are you guys on DuelistGroundz? I’m just sitting back, relaxing on my desktop version of Discord on your DuelistGround server wondering if anyone from FuZe clan wants to chat? Let me know, you guys!

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2k19    374

wow...nice team guys...kidding...kinda shit

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fuckfiend    2179

free thugalicious where my fuze gang @@@@@? :sneeze: :metal:

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