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[Exhibition - Goat] Workshop for Metalworker vs Damage Step

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+mmf    23385

Damage Step 


Soul ❤❤


Me. ❤❤

HyperBeam ❤❤

Mascis ❤❤

Bergy ❤❤



Workshop for Metalworker ❤❤❤

Paraliel ❤❤


Tyranno ❤❤

Audioslayne ❤❤

Gojira ❤❤

i n k y ❤❤

14Henderson7 ❤❤

rei ❤




War Story:



Haruki won 2-1 vs. MMF

MMF won 2-0 vs. Haruki

Tyranno won 2-0 vs MMF

Tristan won 2-0 vs Haruki

Paraliel won 2-0 vs Tristan

Paraliel won 2-0 vs Tristan

Mascis won 2-0 vs rei

Tyranno won 2-0 vs WGM



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