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So if you didnt know http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/World_Chalice     http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/World_Legacy


this was a set of cards introduced in code of the duelist, a fine deck on their own but that's not what i want to discuss (there's already a thread for that). they seemingly through artwork and flavor text, describe a deep and complex story that has yet to be confirmed or told by konami. compiling it further was this.



which added not only more World Legacy cards, but an entire new archtype of monsters to fit into the story. then we got these.




which again adds more World Legacys and another set of monsters into the story and finally (so far) we're getting this coming up.




which adds more support, and more monsters to the story.


The artwork  and the 3 vanilla world chalice monsters are they best place to build the story from, the most common theory i hear is that Crowned by the World Chalice after fighting as Ib the World Chalice priestess, seemingly became corrupted somehow (as seen in some of the support artwork) and from my perspective became Destroymare Iblee 


but truly this is a fascinating story, glad they are trying something like they did with the duel terminal archtypes, i just wish we knew how the story fit together.


so what do you all think? 

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