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DGz Live #214: Goat Format DCS JUNEAU LCQ (1/12/2018)

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Signing up:

  • Post your DB and Discord usernames in this topic
  • The first 8 players to sign up on this thread are added to the participants list
  • We will go up to 16 if enough people are interested
  • This DG Live will start when we get 8 or 16 people or more

General rules:

  • April 2005 F/L list, all sets prior to CRV/CT2 are legal
  • The tournament is double elimination. The player coming from loser's bracket needs to win TWICE in grand finals in order to win the tournament
  • Decklists must be submitted to War Council prior to the start of the tournament (dump in Cameron's discord inbox)
  • All duels must be hosted without watchers password
  • All losses must be reported to WarBot
  • The winner of this tournament will receive paid entry into DCS Juneau


A list of registered duelists can always be found at the Challonge bracket here. Grand finals and possibly other rounds will be streamed on the DGz Twitch channel. I may refer to your decklist while commentating, and top 2 decklists will be featured on the forums/social media. Let me know if you are not OK with this and I won't show your decklist on camera/the forums/etc.

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