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arcade fire is the best band of the 21st century

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Haruki    12647

let's be honest


5 classic albums:



neon bible

the suburbs


everything now







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Haruki    12647
2 minutes ago, Sophocles said:

didnt even make it to the battle of the bands semis :')

Here Are the Best Things David Bowie Posted on His Own Message Board

David Bowie was a pioneering force in music—everyone knows that. But Bowie, who died a year ago at 69, has been less celebrated as a pioneering force on the internet, a legacy that stretches back to the early dot-com era.

In 1996, for instance, the rocker released the single "Telling Lies" on his website, making it the first known downloadable single by a popular artist. Two years later, in the fall of 1998, Bowie launched BowieNet, which was both an internet service provider and an exclusive fan club and message board. The cost was $19.95 a month (or $5.95 a month if you wanted to forgo the internet provider).


This seems quaint now, but it was quite novel in the late '90s. "BowieNet—coming years ahead of Friendster, MySpace and YouTube, to say nothing of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram—showed prescience about the interactive, back-and-forth nature of fandom in the Internet era," Billboard noted in 2016.


The best part? Bowie himself would occasionally log on, under the alias "Sailor." During fleeting visits to the fan forum, Bowie would sometimes share updates and recommendations or respond to fan queries. "Whenever he posted on the boards, he would be greeted with a chorus of 'HELLO, SAILOR!,'" one fan recalled

In November 2004, for instance, Bowie posted the following message, enthusiastically raving about the album Funeral by Arcade Fire. (Bowie was an early champion of the then new band. He was spotted at one of the band's earliest New York gigs and already seemed to know the words to their songs.)


You must, simply must, buy it now, today, pronto. Quite the most beautiful, moving and passionate piece of brilliant song-writing and quirky performance I've heard in YONKS !!!

It's called 'FUNERAL' (Merge Records) and nothing else (and yes, I've heard the new U2) comes close.

(Well, maybe 'Secret Machines' and their CD 'Now Here Is Nowhere)

OK, OK, . .. I'm doing my diary about them both and some others, a sort of year end round up.



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+Mascis    4563

a bunch of hacks

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+rei+    34852

Here Comes the Night is a fucking terrible song and the music station i used to listen to on the way home would play it twice an hour now i cant listen to them properly any more


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Haruki    12647

regine is the female version of reginald or reggie


win butler was raised in the woodlands, texas


my last name means woodland


coincidence? i think not!


"There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world, there is only the inevitable."

- Yuuko Ichihara from xxxHolic





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