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Format Library Championship 1 - Free Online Goat Format Tournament

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Format Library Championship 1

Date/Time: February 10-11, 2018 / Day 1 begins 2:00PM EST

Format: Goat Format (April 1st 2005 Forbidden list, all cards released prior to CRV/CT2 are legal, no Exarion)


Greetings everyone. I'm here to announce another new tournament series, this time coming from outside our site. FormatLibrary has been enormously supportive to us throughout the last 3 seasons of team warring, so to help repay them, I've been helping them launch their own private Goat Format tournament series. This first tournament in the series will be completely free to play in, and if the tournaments get big enough, they may move to cash entry+prizes in the near future.

You will need to have a DuelingBook account and you will also need to join the FormatLibrary Discord server to play in this tournament.
To register for this tournament, you should post in the #general-yugioh channel on the FL Discord server with the following information and ping @Administrators.



Name - Discord username - Duelingbook username


The winner of this tournament will receive a 5$ DuelingBook donation code. This is a GoatStats-certified Regional tournament and will award the appropriate amount of GoatRank points to top 4 competitors.
This tournament will feature some number of Swiss rounds followed by a cut to a single-elimination top 4 or 8. Swiss rounds are best-of-3 matches and top cut rounds are best-of-5 matches. Each round will be 60 minutes, followed by UDE-era End of Match Procedures (3 turns in time, no draws) and a 20-minute grace period in between rounds to finish EOMP and report results. For a double-elimination bracket, you may start your next round as soon as it is available.


When you begin a match, please notify the TOs in the Discord channel by posting the match you are about to play in #general-yugioh. Message your decklists to an @Administrator in the Discord server before beginning your rounds on Day 1. If you make Day 2 and you do not want your decklist to be featured in coverage after the tournament, please let the TOs know so that we don't go out and leak your decklist. A list of all currently registered duelists can be found at the Challonge bracket here.

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