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DG now has a Patreon


I'll be blunt, it costs me $136 a month in hosting costs, plus $75 annually in incidentals / renewals to run the site - it's not crazy money by any means, and adsense tends to offset around $30-50 of that monthly (or more accurately $100 every 2-3 months due to how they pay out), but any help to offset server costs would be greatly appreciated.


Obviously if this starts rolling in substantial money then I will reinvest that more heavily into the site with more cash events etc - for now we're going to start with one cash event for goat format and one for current each month free to all patrons. I'm more than willing to listen to suggestions for incentives as I'd just rather we have as many of our costs offset as possible. Not to mention if we offset the entire cost of the server I'll remove ads from duelistgroundz entirely. 


If you'd like to give, that'd be very much appreciated. Thank you. 


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