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Literal Bastard

The Ridley Scott Maneuver

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There are improvements to be made, but here’s the list:

3 Warriors 

3 Telepath

1 Kid

1 Overlord

3 Mysterious Triangle 

3 A Cell Recombination device 

2 powerful rebirth

2 brainwashing beam

2 Adhesion Trap hole


Quick Rundown: This deck moves faster than I imagined. You clear backrow with telepath and go for game as quick as possible. It searches so quick, you’d think you’re moving at lightspeed. It’s one of the few decks that can deal with a lava golem the turn it’s dropped, but with destiny draw stall out there, I feel like it will have a hard time with that. Everything targets, apparently, so the text is outdated. Telepath requires the monster to be controlled by your opponent, so remember that before you brainwash an unwitting paladin and swing into wod.


Warriors: Essentially the frontline of defense, allowing everything to be active. Kind of a mandatory at triplicate.

Telepath: Clearing backrow is good. innocuous at first glance, this guy clears boards in conjunction with powerful rebirth. Honestly feeling 2 kids and 2 telepaths are better

Kid: There’s more special summoning happening than you think. Powerful rebirth after a tagged in besti sets up your better plays. This guy gets past hazys.

Overlord: the only card both overwhelming and underwhelming. I would run one and a half if I could.

Recombination: The only Alien card that explicitly states “target” in its text, but creates a 1200 gap between an opposing monster and an alien. Also has the feature of being a rota.

Mysterious: Tell me, Konami, where on this card does it say “target”!? Really salty about this card and its interaction with hazy. It stands on its own with recombination, so triplicates of both seem to be all you need for spells.

Powerful: great card, combos well with Recombination and alien kid openers.

Brainwashing: Fuuuuuuuuckkk e-con bro, your monster is staying here for a while.

Adhesion: honestly, the only card that assists the win-conditions by keeping a monster face-up on your opponents’ side of the board.




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Inti    79

Looks about standard I would and only changes I would make are


-1 Triangle

-2 Adhesive Trap Hole 


+2 Econ

0-1+ Curse of Anubis,Windstorm or Wall of D. 

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16 minutes ago, Stomach The MachoPony said:

yeah i mean other than budget is there any reason you arent running floodgate/wod etc.

Have 3x Wod, not willing to invest as hard as I did to get the floodgates at the present moment.


currently at legend 1 (after getting deranked from legend 2) with this:



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