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Stomach The MachoPony

So i found the ATK Cap

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context: i did this earlier too, i ended up with enough LP that when i summoned Ra, it took me down to 100, then boosted itself up to 65535, not a point higher.


later (this screenshot) i had over 80000 lifepoints, i lost enough to take him up to 65535, then lost more to bring me down to 100, and he didnt gain any more atk points.


so there's a hard cap coded in for ATK, never knew.  (if you are wondering how i did it, massivemorph, temple of the minds eye and kisetai, about the only consistnt farm deck i could find for crowler, even then it can brick though Restart helps that)

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BuildTheWalia    311

Cool find. Guess it makes sense that it would be 65535, but I'm disappointed that they didn't allow it into the hundred-thousands.

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